I am a man. Not just any man, but a Scorpio man. I love women. I love the walk, smell, mannerisms, intelligence, voluptuousness, smoothness and energy of a woman.  However, all women are not created equal and there is always one woman who stands above all others in a social setting. That is what the object of my affection is doing. She is not just mesmerizing me, but every man within this gathering. As quiet as kept, her ambiance captured the attention of a few women as well.  The ones who regularly engage in relations with women and the ones who despise a woman whose sexiness forces them to rethink hair, clothes and why they came.

I watched her every move as she strutted with grace almost gliding across the floor as she greeted friends and was introduced to strangers.  She wore a collage of the latest female fashion with a mix of cultural sensibilities and a psychedelic flare. Yet, oh so classy and oh so fly!  Her shoes of course were perfectly matched with her clothes, as with fingernail and toenail polish.  UUMMPH!!!!  As I watched every move she made, I could not help but to lick my lips in approval, as I noticed the stylish and yet regal flow of her hair. I wanted to rub my fingers through it immediately. I instantaneously began to make love to her in my mind and think of the various positions of pleasure. I thought of the possibility of a meaningful and fulfilling relationship. Long walks together. The sound of my friends jokes and the sounds of others in the room became silent and the only sound that remained was of my beating heart.

Class..............as she dismissed the overly aggressive men, the men who moved too quick, the men who stumbled over their words, the aggressive woman with untold intentions, all the while, sneaking looks at......me.............?????????!!!!!!!!!  Hmmm, perhaps an invitation. As I looked again as I could not take my eyes off of her, she not only looked at me again but she gave me a smile. This relaxed, yet well attended house warming party for a mutual acquaintance was the perfect atmosphere for a well deserved meeting between man and woman. None of the awkwardness that could present itself in a normal everyday setting like a grocery store or office building. None of the fakeness that permeates the club scene. Conversation can flow and minds can be at ease. I began to go through a mental checklist of myself, in order to do a quick assessment of our visual compatibility with the anticipation to explore our mental faculties. I was wearing a shirt I purchased from the Express, pants from Rag-O-Rama, shoes from Aldo and gemstone jewelry from Crystal Blue in Little 5 Points and the superb smell of a lightly placed Sun's Eye Mystic Blend. My check of myself met a swift approval. I began to think of what could be conversation starters. Her hair, her clothes, her inviting and pleasant scent, our mutual acquaintances, the highs and lows of Atlanta life. I knew that I would not ask her if she has a "boyfriend," "husband" or "baby daddy", I would not ask her how many degrees, if any that she had, nor what college did or do you attend or anything dealing with social or financial status. Naw............I had to get to know her.  Making her laugh, laughing at her jokes, allowing her to express her interest, that is what I desired and needed and perhaps that could be what she is looking for as well.

I watched her every move as I waited across the room calmly. I felt no need to rush to the doorstep of opportunity, I made the choice to allow the moment to develop. I decided I would wait for her to look again and then I would test her to see if her interest was genuine. As anticipated, she looked again and did not turn away.  Yes.........opportunity!  I mouthed precious words to her from afar. I did not have to do anything outlandish or reinvent the wheel, I merely needed to get her in my presence. The attraction had already been established and I needed only to create an invitation of my own.

I watched every move she made, as she confidently strode towards me to find out who is this brother on the other side of the room. She radiated sexiness and curiosity while her lips were pressed together with a cute twist. As she approached, my heart began to beat a little faster, but like a friend told me a long time ago.  I had to play it "Ice Cold."  As I watched every move she made as she finally stood before me, she said............................................................................................



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Jassiri Nassor


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