I look out of my upstairs window on this Sunday morning and I see a lot of cars in their

driveways.?.?  Its 9:47 and that is traditionally the time when a lot people are leaving their

homes to go to CHUUUCH.  On many occasions my family and I have left our home to go to

CHUUUCH and I could not help but to notice the many vehicles in their driveways, cool and

still from inactivity.  After much unconscious thought.  Meaning that I have contemplated the

number of cars in their driveways on Sunday mornings intentionally and unintentionally. This

is what I have come up, after much thought.

A lot of people have become disillusioned with CHUUUCH. A lot of people are not getting

proper and useful direction in CHUUUCH.  A lot of people are fed up with CHUUUCH.  

Perhaps the price of admission has become too much at CHUUUCH. I once heard a pastor

say, "Give GOD your electric bill money!," "Give GEEEZUUSSS your rent money,!" in

CHUUUCH,while people were on there feet and cheering that nonsense, CHUUUCH!  Too

many charlatans and not enough righteousness in CHUUUCH. Too many people projecting

falseness and not living by their commandments in CHUUUCH. The only message that

people get in CHUUUCH is to pray and trust in the LAWD in CHUUUCH! The very real

circumstances the members and the people outside of the CHUUUCH walls face, are not

being addressed, in CHUUUCH.

People are tired of feeling like they are on the outside looking in, even in CHUUUCH.  It

seems that the people that are receiving the "blessings" are only the people closest to the

pastor, his personal clique, at CHUUUCH. The collection plate is being passed around too

much at CHUUUCH. They are not teaching individuals how to cultivate and nurture the part

of GOD that exist within each individual at CHUUUCH. Their are a whole lot of fake people

at CHUUUCH, did I already mention that?

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Jassiri Nassor


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