A brother told me the other day that "We are at war." I said hmmmm, I

looked to my left, I saw a man pushing a stroller, with his baby inside,

who appeared to be two years old and his woman on his arm smiling, I

looked to my right behind the brother and I saw a young couple,

maybe in their late twenties, dressed in the latest summer styles,

laughing and holding hands. As they passed the brother and I, they

both gave us a nod and a smile to us both and as they walked away, I

heard them simultaneously say to each other "I love you." I looked a

few feet in front of me and I saw three generations of men and women

between the ages of 16-80 laughing and talking in the park as some of

them sat on the park bench and others stood. Three generations of

"Black" people. I mentally took a look at myself and realized I feel

good, my health is good, my mental and physical strength is good, my

spirit is good, my clothes are good, my present and future is good and

most importantly my family is good. So then I responded to the

brother like this. I said "You know, in many ways you are right. We are

at war, but the strategies and the battles are taking place in the mind."



Jassiri Nassor


Welcome to Thought Elevation Ola, a starting place for the seeker of the deeper questions of life and the serious self evaluator. My name is Jassiri Nassor. I am a Spiritual/Reality based Thinker and Creative Writer. I specialize in higher level thought. I enjoy helping myself and assisting individuals connect life's dots through the sciences of Metaphysics, Occultism, Common Sense, and Unadulterated NERVE. Over the past six years my study of the aforementioned systems have helped me tremendously in my personal growth and understanding of myself and the world around me. 

The purpose of this blog is to share my personal stories and insights on daily life in a manner that is relatable and based on the FACT that changing the world is irrelevant until you first change YOURSELF. Acknowledging and conquering the negative features of yourself and your flaws is the ultimate victory. Most people need inspiration to do such a thing, well... you have found the right place. I have found that a well rounded person is balanced in the areas of Mental, Spiritual, Physical and Financial pursuits. I do not have all of the answers , yet I share what I have learned on my personal exploration. Through my sharing, I am sure we can find common ground.

Though we are seeking answers together, it doesn't have to be always serious. Laughter and just being a plain smart ass is good medicine for the soul. TRUTH is a excellent truth serum as well. I usually publish new blog post two times per week and I always deliver content to make you think and laugh. Thus, if you do not mind getting a smile on your face and top grade gas in your tank, sign up for the latest blog post and updates on myself Jassiri Nassor and Thought Elevation Ola.