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I was at peace, calmly in conversation

With the most beautiful woman for my situation

Talking of love, of life, of matters that make up

the best and the worst of who we are

Millions of miles away from any place beyond a star

Lounging in a wonderful home, sunlight on our faces

Revealing what was within

While co-admiring the smooth texture of our skin


I’m looking over my shoulder, something is interrupted my fun


Some-THING is calling me away, for some task to do


Now, I want to slap what this is, that’s bothering me


Now, I have to get up and leave this beauty that I adore

I roll over, I open my eyes, I see the darkness of the bedroom sky,

I think of what it is, that is on the way, oh yeah…this is the beginning of my day

I pull in a long deep breath and exhale slowly, as I rub my chest

I pull in again as I did before, because deep morning breaths prepare me

before I walk through the door

My feet move from soft mattress to carpeted floor

I walk from my bedroom through the kitchen door

I see the smiling faces of my little ones that I love

and quite the alarm on the mobile phone, shrilling a tone

Their faces remind me, motivate me, awake me to things

that are deeper to see…

What is the cause for this cartoonish thing, called “getting up to go to work?”

Such an empty thing…

I deserve to…

Do what I want to

Be what I want to

Say what I want to

Go where I want to

Dress how I want to

Eat when I want to

I know, I know, the laws that govern all time…

If I want to have success for the day, I better see it in my mind

Yet, I know my efforts on my own time, will determine

the future conditions of my now time and days...

I’m like Killmonger vicious and determined to change my fate

through my ways, though I wear a mask, that shows cooperation

with their ways…inside I’m a warrior plotting to be free

and allow my true expression to allow me to be me

I look forward to the peace and harmony, such a thing I will see

Putting on a front for a check ain’t cool to me

I allow my rebel side to show up a little here and there you see

But, not too much, though I want to back hand this guy who thinks he’s the boss of me

But, I’M THE BOSS and I determine my direction to be, it can’t happen soon enough

for the free I want to see..

Soon very soon, I have both feet in…

For the moment, wearing a mask of employee 23917, when I clock in

I press a middle finger for fingerprint recognition to show my true expression

then I go about my day doing mundane activities, that do not inspire me

letting my mind wander elsewhere, to activities that are really for me

The Alarm has already been set inside and soon enough, I’ll slide to the other side

Life on MY OWN TERMS, what other way is there to be

Oh yeah, I could keep acting like everything is cool, wearing hard sole shoes, smiling and dancing to somebodies off beat tune, nah I like my plan for escape, my suede shell toe Adidas…feel better for my case…


Jassiri Nassor “A Cause for Alarm” Copyright © 2018 by Jassiri Nassor/THOUGHT ELEVATION OLA LLC/ THE SPIRITUAL SATIRE


Jassiri Nassor


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