When THUGS Cry...I'm a thug?


Allow me to begin by stating that it has been about four weeks perhaps, since I posted a blog post. I have been busy perfecting the knowledge of how to operate a blog/website successfully.

I have been doing a tremendous  amountof studying, watching videos, reading articles, attending webinars, connecting with people on social media, reading books, all with the aim of elevating my mind, my endeavors and my position in life, to one were I am 100% fulfilled.  Yes, living the essence of what Thought Elevation Ola is about.

In the mist of this, I work a day job and I have a family with two small children, which means a lot of late night work. Now…in the midst of my hard work to be more effective in connecting this blog with people, I would take breaks.

While I was breaking, I would "stroll" through YouTube and "stroll" through Facebook to get a glance of what is capturing the attention of the masses. It seemed to be the usual brand of worry creation. Yet, I had the displeasure of seeing yet more so called "wealthy" rappers, not hip hop artist and definitely not MC's, also known as masters of ceremony, but rappers.

 No, no, no, these degenerates are in the position that they are in seemingly by chance, but I believe it is more by design. I mean look how they act! Calling their "fans" ho and bitch while holding stacks of money in a rubber band to their face as if talking on a phone.

Source Youtube.com

Source Youtube.com

Also, I did not realize because, I do not follow the most popular rappers, as in buying their music, playing their music etc. I did not realize that women are still dancing half naked in videos. Its still in style? That's still the thing to do? That's still an "avenue" to fame? Least I forget...based on what I have witnessed, on what has become a runaway success, in spite of high profile deaths, I give you…Facebook Live.

There are a ton of assess within the masses who want to be famous at all cost. Which brings me to the title of this blog…said loud I'm A THUG, softer I'm a Thug...and very softly I'm a thug. Which will eventually will lead to… When THUGS Cry.

You see as I mentioned I do not pay much attention to foolishness, to put it plainly, but the buffoonery of the Thug rapper, the gangster rapper just keeps sinking to lower and lower debts. It does not matter if I do not pay attention to this mess, because every time I go to Facebook it seems to be a story that is suggested for me to look at (trending).

I can say the same for Youtube.  So, in a since I fell weak and said to self, “OK let’s see what this bullshit is all about.”

This guy, Soulja Boy is past the "money" phone corniness, he is pointing guns at the cell phone camera and threatening...

Source BET.com

Source BET.com

you guessed it...another black male, never a white male...always a black male. The target of his "anger" Chris Brown.  A singer and dancer I may add, who is equally full of venom.

I will not get into why they are angry because I do not care. I will not disrespect my time by researching why.  I do not even know if any of it is real. That statement itself is one that is worthy of every person asking self. Can you trust what you see on the television news and social media? Can we trust what we see each day as you go about our activities? Hmmm…. 

Is this stuff real...              Photo by Ayo Ogunseinde

Is this stuff real...              Photo by Ayo Ogunseinde


What I do know is that this so called story and many others make Black males look like idiots! Can’t dispute that. 


If anyone has millions of dollars in the bank and hopefully in solid investments, all of the material items that money can buy, the most delicious food and drink that money can buy and if one is single or maybe not, the most beautiful women, to fornicate with, have sex with, to have scream yo’ name...

Source Derrick G.com

Source Derrick G.com

If you can do things for your family to change the course of their lives as well, THEN WHY ARE YOU MAADDD!

Source- Deric “D-Dot” Angelettie

Source-Deric “D-Dot” Angelettie


I have been trying to figure out this question since the so called gangster rap came on the scene in the early 90's. Yet even among the gangster rappers, you still had real MC's who told well rounded tales, like the Ghetto Boys, UGK, Eightball & MJG, Tupac Ice Cube, Just Ice and Wu-Tang Clan among many.

Brothers were looking tough in hip hop videos years before gangster rap. Just take a look at old Rakim, Big Daddy Kane, Kool G. Rap, Slick Rick photos and I could go on. However, these cats would smile in photos as well and rap about having fun and actually have fun, they would also make songs that were meant to inspire and make people think.




Quick role call…Rakim-In the Ghetto, What's Going On, Casualties of War…Big Daddy Kane- I'll Take You There, Word to the Mother (Land), Children R the Future, Young, Gifted and Black, Dance With the Devil…Kool G.Rap- Streets of New York, Erase Racism, Crime Pays…Slick Rick- Children's Story, Hey Young World, Mistakes of a Woman in Love With Other Men, I Shouldn't Have Done It and Get a Job.  Many rappers and rap groups of the era between 1986-1992 had well rounded messages.

I won’t go into too much detail about the commercial rap “songs” of today, because the content mainly stays on drug use, money, sex and shooting black men, women and perhaps children and family members…Kind of crazy.

The exceptions to most successful commercial rappers are at the moment Kendrick Lamar and J. Cole.

Like the afore mentioned MC’s not only can these guys actual engage the listener with catchy beat structure, they actually have what is known as a flow that shows, vocal skill, lyric reciting techniques and complexity, but they also are well rounded and have songs that can make the listener think about something that may actually make the listener be thankful for their current situation in life and be motivated to make positive changes.

Yes, there is certain content about women, weed, alcohol, maybe even fighting or shooting, but the mention of it is in a particular context makes the listener understand from a perspective that does not sound like glorification. There are many lesser known MC’s that are of the same vain as the Golden Era MC’s that I mentioned earlier such as  Big Krit, Joey Badass, Lupe Fiasco, Vince Staples, Earl Sweatshirt, Run The Jewels, Bishop Nehru, Sa-Roc and Brother Ali just to name a few.



However, getting back to the social media hogs of gangster rap…The only explanation I can come up with, to describe the constant threatening of other rappers and those they associate with is that it is by design.  People around the world have eaten theses image up like chocolate chip cookies. They can't get enough.  Its sad, but millions of people pay for and look for this mess as entertainment. Consumed by it!  Needless to say they want to copy the clothing, lifestyle and attitude of their favorite rapper.  

That is why I like to deal with people who are on the same path as I am on. The same mental wavelength as I am on, because I try, I really try to relate to people who are soo thrown to and fro with the latest this and that and who are always "celebrity watching" and its like nails on a chalkboard irritating for me to try and flow along as if I can identify with who is "hooking up  who" "who is dating who", "what such and such said." I just can't do it. I have too many positive goals to work on and it feels good to be occupied with MY LIFE. I LOVE ME AND I LOVE MY FAMILY AND I LOVE YOU.Thus I do not have time for that Bullshit...I wish them the best and every once in a while I have to look at the mess that is outside of the realm of positive.

I mean I have to be aware of what is going on in the world. I am not totally disconnected but...come on. The show called the Boondocks had an episode called Pretty Boy Flizzy.

Source- http://themicrogiant.tumblr.com/

Source- http://themicrogiant.tumblr.com/

You can watch it on Netflix, Youtube or where you can, I think you will see some very interesting comparisons from a show that aired in 2014 to much of what is taken place in the rap scene over the years.

The main character of the season 4 episode 1 program was an R&B, rap superstar who would act out or do the most ridiculous things possible on social media and commit crimes in real time, just to stay relevant to the consumer masses and to cling to fame at all cost. Is that not a marketing tool that seemingly every so called celebrity uses now?

Here is the thing though, these rappers that get a kick out of playing tough are one day going to end up face to face with a real tough guy. These rappers that want to show and glorify guns are one day going to have a gun with real bullets pointed at them. So what are they going to do when an ass whoopin’ is staring them in the face or someone is shooting at them for real.  

They are scarred of losing the fame however big or small.  They may also have personal issues that are allowed to become public due to the easy access of social media. Some of these public figures need mental help. I am sure no one has thought about that.

Do you think they simply rap about all those drugs and do not really use them? Many are somewhat functional drug addicts and alcoholics. Thus, that crazy behavior may be a mask for the idiot crying inside.

There is a saying "The same thing that will make you laugh will make you cry."


Jassiri Nassor


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