I take occasional, more like every two day, looks at Facebook. I look at YouTube  more

frequently, mainly because I can work on other activities while at least listing to a video of my

choice. With that being said, when I am looking at Facebook I find story after story, post after

post from people whom I have spoken to in regards to metaphysical concepts.

I find that in spite of my best efforts to impart an outside of the box view of this world to the

people I know  and how to live in this world on a path that will lead to a greater and ultimately

complete peace of mind, I see them falling for the okey doke. I see them being a trick for

negative news and quickly sending and sharing that negative news to friends, family and the


I hate to say it. However, I see them being a ho for "Daddy." Who is "Daddy?" "Daddy" is

the mainstream media. What news are they sharing that is negative in my eyes? Why do I call

this information they share negative? Why would conscious as in, pro black people or

advocates for human rights organizations look at people such as myself who study and follow

metaphysical, spiritual principals, look at us as if we are full of shit? In their eyes we are soft

and do not care about black men being shot. They would say that we don't care about the pain

and suffering that people go through in this world. To that I say hold on hold on....This blog is

about THE CHALLENGE. THE CHALLENGE is a great one and one that is on the backs of every

individual on Earth, regardless of race and most importantly regardless of if they are aware of

it or not. THE CHALLENGE is G-TALK from the metaphysical perspective and G-TALK in the

since of being tired about people having bad things happen to them and others removing any

blame from their name. From the people in this world who are screaming the loudest all I am

hearing is "the hell with personal responsibility." I do not like to see anybody including Black

men and women harmed by the police or doing harm to each other. However, there has to be

an account paid and it has to be paid in full, for ones own personal actions. Like the old saying

goes "What Goes Around Comes Around." 

 I want to focus on what is know as Universal Law which is also known as The Kyballion.  Many

people have at least read these laws once in their lives if not more than once. The information

can be a little confusing to understand with one reading. Let me be honest. It can be confusing

to understand after several readings and one might not understand these laws until years later.

What I have found is that information such as this should be explained in a way that is very

easy and down to Earth. The explanations should be given in a very conversational tone, that

makes for clearer understanding and immediate usage.

The first element that I will address is the fact that there are generally speaking 7 universal

laws that are more important to understand than any other. I say generally because depending

on the website or book you can find 12 and up to 105 Universal Laws. This can be confusing,

yet I stand by my original statement that the Universal Laws and the Kybalion  are one in the

same in regards to valuable information. The seven Universal Laws are laws that basically apply

to everything and everywhere under the sun and the moon. They apply to man ,woman,

child, animal and nature alike. These laws apply to everything on Earth and outside of the

Earth, its just that real. The Seven Hermetic Principals, Hermetic meaning dealing with occult

or hidden, secret information; science or what is known with certainty of course after being

tested; alchemy which is a word applied to these Seven Laws deals with changing something

from one form to another.  When these LAWS are applied to your life, you are using these laws

to change the conditions of your life and to gain an understanding of why you have the life

that you have at the present moment. These laws will also put the responsibility of your

success or failure, your heaven or your hell squarely in your lap, just as I mentioned in a

previous blog post, these LAWS give you the chance to Bar-B-Que or Mildew. People in the

south have a saying that goes like, "It Ain't No Fun When The Rabbit Got The Gun." When you

finally acquire some real, authentic wisdom and understanding, its a new game. 

These seven laws of the Kybalion and of Universal Law are what is called immutable. I am sure

if you have read about these laws before you have seen this word or you will see this word in

the future. Immutable is defined as unchangeable and they apply to the first three laws. The

other four laws can be manipulated based upon circumstances and intent. However, the law is

the law and your intent should be to use the other four laws with even more intent for positive

change (of course depending on what you view as positive) just as you should use the first


The 1st Universal Law is called:

The Law of Mentalism: The first thing that you should think of when seeing the word Mentalism

is "Mind." Thus this law is dealing with your ability to use your MIND. The law states "The All is

Mind, The Universe is Mental." What is All. The All is the creator of everything that your eyes

and senses can grasps and everything that you can feel. The All is without limit. The All is a

part of you, your MIND. The Universe the whole world, cosmos, the total of existing things is

mental. That alone should make you say HMMMM... Your reality is based upon your mind and

your mind and your physical body are a part of a being that created everything. Thus on a

smaller scale we have the ability to create or circumstances as we see fit in every moment,

every day and anytime. What makes that so hard? Friends, family, associates, people you do

not know, the television, the radio, the internet, a job site, the person that cut you off in traffic,

news stories, certain foods, all bring something to you that keeps you from using your MIND at

its Maximum/Greatest level. There is always something that in a calm way, smooth way, harsh

way or other that does its best to keep you from truly doing you on all levels and in all things.

Thus, focusing only on what it is that you want in life and the way you want it can be difficult.

Such a thing has proven to be impossible for too many..MOST..people because they are caught

up in who is going to be the next U.S. president, Black Men getting shot by police, so on and so

forth and your MIND is occupied with all these things. These things that the truth be told are

probably not even your thoughts because those thoughts were placed in your mind by

something or someone else. You know instinctively, that you sometimes get tired of all of that

and you say to yourself "Shit, I just need some time to think, I need to just get myself together

and just be left alone for a minute." know it! That's that spirit within you, that part of

The All that is in you that is saying "Clear your mind of all of this trash and find out what it is

that you really think about any and everything." That is why the hip hop group Dead Prez put

out a song and a mixtape called "Turn off the Radio." That is why many people suggest

meditation as a means of connecting with The All and as a way to clear your mind, so you can

listen to your real thoughts and instructions that the Universe has to help yo create your ideal

situation. If you cannot meditate then at least find a place to be alone and recharge yourself.

Yet, if you cannot learn to like being alone or enjoy having quite reflective or just plain

peaceful can forget about truly using your MIND because all you will be is

a Dummy walking in line to someone else's tune with their foot in your Behind. This law is

immutable or unchangeable.



Jassiri Nassor


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