Universal Law VI

The Law of Cause and Effect

Law (verb)-ordain

Law (noun)- that which is fixed or set, what is right, fitting

Cause (noun)-reason for action

Cause (verb)-produce an effect


Effect (noun)- completion, ending, power or capacity to produce an intended result.

Effect (astrology)- operation or action (of a heavenly body) on human affairs.

Effect (verb)- to bring to a desired end

According to The Kybalion-Every Cause has its Effect; every Effect has its Cause; everything

happens according to Law. In dealing with the Law of Cause and Effect I invite you to take a

moment and just relax, if such is possible for you. In your relaxed state, take a moment and

look around you. Look at the place that you presently find yourself in. Look around your place

of employment, look around your home or look around your neighborhood. While you are

looking around, think about your present position in life. While thinking of your current

situation in life, ask yourself two very simple questions. "Am I completely satisfied with my

life?" "Are there parts of my life that could be better?"  Now that you have done this, take a

moment now or when you have more time and really get deep into a serious thought.

The serious thought that I challenge you to take part in, is very revealing. You see, this

particular process of thought forces you to not only look at your present situation in life, but to

 examine the many steps or choices that got you to where you presently are.  If there is

something that is taking place in your life that you do not like, then thinking back at the steps

or choices you have made in the past that have led to your present circumstance, can be a

painful experience and yet a very freeing experience. This self evaluation, is a very powerful

starting point to understanding the Universal Law of Cause and Effect.

What better way of examining this law, than to use yourself as the ultimate example.

Take a look at yourself as a part of the human experience. There are things that all people have

to or will experience at some point in life.

The Choices:

To have sex with someone/To not have sex with someone

To seek a new job/To not seek a new job

To date a particular person/To not date a particular person

To eat certain types of foods/To not eat certain types of food

To make a choice to marry someone/To remain single and not marry that person

To continue to accept a lie/To trust your feelings and follow the truth

To make a choice to follow your own path/To continue to follow the crowd

These are but a few examples of many choices we make in life, however the ramifications of

such choices can result in one of joy or pain. The results of which can last for a short time or

for years. If a choice was made that results in happiness, surely at some point there has to be

an adjustment here or there, in the effort to continue upon the suitable chosen path. If a choice

was made that resulted in, say for example, an unfulfilling relationship and even a child coming

into ones world during the flow of this relationship. Clearly, bad choices seem to follow even

more bad choices, because not only is a person or both participants involved in a relationship

that they do not like, but now they have assisted in bringing a life into this world. However,

with the understanding of Universal Law and in the case of this writing the Law of Cause and

Effect, the couple, if they are of open mind and mature mind can look at the present state of

their relationship and the past choices that have led to the current circumstances with a

realistic slant, thus taking ownership of the choices that were made. When all the cards are on

the table, then there is no room for ugliness and shame to hide. Truth brings relief and healing.

The number one cause of disease, trauma and drama is the unwillingness of people to take the

cover off of the truth. Many people would rather live a lie, live in pain and with shame than let

the truth set them free and then set upon a path of healing and comfort. If people could be so

bold as to look back on their past and take responsibility, good or bad for the choices that

they have made in life, then they see a light for success and they can make changes for

the better. Metaphysically, with an understanding of effects and their causes, then a person has

not only a physical understanding, but now they have a mental and spiritual understanding.

Again, metaphysically speaking, if a person has mentally taken a walk into their past and taken

steps back into their present, then they will gain an understanding that they can change their

present and their future with their MIND. There it is again, THE MIND.

Tools for change that are available to anyone once again, as I have mentioned in previous post,

are personal Numerology profiles and personal Astrological Natal charts, that can give an

individual an understanding of the path in life that would provide the easiest way towards

happiness and fulfillment, and those tools will also reveal the challenges that will surely come,

the tough times, and the mistakes that one is capable of making. These tools can let you

know about these potential mistakes before you end up facing them, and what moves to make

to ensure success, that is if the reader is mature enough to follow the advice. 

So now, a mature and out of the box thinker would look at the Law of Cause and Effect and

position themselves to become a causer of the events in their life and not someone who just

takes the effects that are thrown at them. Trust and believe that if people do not take charge

of their lives and create what it is that they deserve and what will bring about happiness from a

conscience state of mind, that this world has no problem stepping in place and making choices

for you, especially if you will not use your mind, the world will.

So naturally, the next topic should be, how does the Law of Cause and Effect work? The Law of

Cause and Effect is simply making a definitive choice to have something occur in life.  That

truly is it.  However, if we peal back the curtain, it would be in the best interest of the one

making the choice to make an informed choice. An informed choice where all sides of a

situation have been considered. Needless to say, the Law of Cause and Effect does not operate

independently of the other Universal Laws.  The Law of Mentalism, the Law of Correspondence,

the Law of Vibration, the Law of Polarity, the Law of Rhythm and The Law of Gender which I

will discuss in my next post on Universal Law and even the Law of Attraction which is truly an

umbrella term for the Laws of Polarity and the Law of Rhythm being used together, with the

other Universal Laws. Once the choice has been made to have a certain thing happen

in life, be it for a change or to have something remain the same within a certain amount of

time, something is bound to happen. Depending on what it is that is asked for and how

significant it is could, have an effect on what was focused on in the mind. Emotion is a major

component of something occurring in ones life. Yet, once again I cannot say this enough that it

is important to STAND FIRM, in your belief and conviction you can change your circumstances

for the better. In spite of what you may see in your life, it must be known that as surely as you

got yourself into a situation, good or bad, you can get yourself out.

If you are in a bad or unlikable situation surely you can change that situation, and the first

spark of change is again, THE MIND. You then have to patiently wait for what you desire to

happen and sometimes what you desire to happen comes quickly, especially if what you desire

to happen is on the dumbest or simplest level possible.  The most positive and far reaching

things seem to always take a little time to appear, stupid ish seems to happen instantly,

depending on your focus…interesting.     



Jassiri Nassor


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