This MuthuF!!##% Right Here...!! How to deal with negative people.

I invite all readers to put yourself in my shoes, as I dedicate this post to that dude/man or chick/women on your job that is simply focused on creating difficulties on your present job/life. Keep this in mind before I go further, the purpose of a job is not to stay for 20 years or more, not in my world. The purpose of a job is to "Fund Your Freedom," in other words generate money to put towards a business that is in alignment with you Life purpose, Soul purpose and your Destiny. That is, for those of us who chose to go on that path of working a job via pre-physical existence. For my people who have never had to work for someone else and who are on their path and feel that path and its correctness in their mind, body and soul, feeling that joy everyday and may be here and on other blogs, just to, in essence, pinch themselves, to see if their lives are real, then I applaud your cosmic, pre-incarnation choice. For those of us who chose a more challenging path, this is for you. For those successful entrepreneurs, I am sure you can pick pearls of wisdom from this writing as well.

There are two sets of people who you just have to look at with a keen eye on your current place of funding. I do not say employment, I say funding. AGAIN, "Funding Your Freedom." The first person to look at is the co-worker who always has worry on his mind. You can be on your lunch break, you could be at your desk, you could have just clocked in, you could be on your way out of the door walking to your car and here he comes... He wants to tell you about some bad news he heard on Facebook or through somebody who told somebody. Bad news in his mind, not yours! You are on your Soul Journey. You have taken on your challenges and have come out a better person and with more knowledge than ever. You have taken time to study yourself through numerology, astrology, meditation, and you have read Universal Law, the Kyballion, Think and Grow Rich, It Works...the Famous Little Red Book that makes your Dreams Come True (If you KNOW what you WANT you can HAVE IT). You may have even studied the Tree of Life, the Tree of Knowledge,Tarot, healing crystals and the list goes on and on. You are at PEACE and on the move. You are calm in the present and ecstatic about the future. You are feeling good, you do what you have to do and do it well. In your free time you are working on yourself, putting together a BETTER present and future than your experience as an employee. You surround yourself with people who are on the same path as you and whom you can have higher level conversations and even conversations in regards to having a successful business.

Yet at work, while doing what you have to do, here comes this MUTHAFUCKA! "I heard the company is going to lay off people, my neighbors children leave their toys in my yard, I ate something yesterday that gave me a headache, people drive so crazy etc,etc,etc." This person gives off a vibe of negativity, to the point that you know he or she is going to say something negative even before they open their mouth. You hate to see this Bastard coming because their energy rubs bad energy on your vibe. You try to be nice and maybe even give them a hint that you need to go or do something else. Did I say that this person may even approach you when you are eating your lunch? Damn! You may have to tell this person to go away, in any way appropriate to the situation. Especially, if you have tried to tell them how their thoughts are creating their situations of negativity. You may not have used metaphysical language but you tried to give them hope and positivity to change their perspective, but it did not work. He/she is just stuck in their own mental prison and they unconsciously go around at work, at home or anywhere for that matter spreading negative poison. You tried, but you can't do nuthin for them maan!! 

Then their is this person that is in a supervisory role. This person, in spite of whatever evidence that is clearly present that the way to do a particular job requires flexibility and another way of looking at productivity, this person sticks to and refuses to move away from "THE RULES." Thus, you have adopted a way to appease this idiot and not curse them out. What we may not realize is that these people are just parts of our refinement process. These people were brought into your life to put all of that wonderful information that you have been studying into practice. It is one thing to study something and to be at peace in your home. It is another to leave your home and go out into the world and go to work and be met with the energy of people who are from various levels and various vibes. These vibes may be somewhat on the level of were you are and not were you are at all. You must learn to navigate around these people and communicate with people who you may not like at all but, you have a job to do and in the future you will have to deal with people in business whom you may not like. These people literally represent mini challenges and training for the future.  

These people will only be in your life for a short period of time. However, your thoughts and the world you create is forever. It takes refinement to stay focused on your goals and hear but not hear that foolishness. Years from now, you will think about these MUTHAFUCKAS and laugh long hard and loud... Pitty the fools, but do not give them anymore attention than necessary, because the only thing that needs to be in your mind, is your goals not an all day sucka.




Jassiri Nassor


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