The Soul Journey is Painful. Life Journey

The first thought that I want to share is that I am still learning. I am not an expert at this point, I will not call myself a "Master Teacher" or a "GURU" when I have reached a certain level of understanding on various metaphysical topics. I am simply a man who is on a journey of self discovery. I knowingly began this journey in 2008 and everyday brings me new information and new revelations that I use to exercise self study and to reflect. I reflect on what happened and what was the lesson for the day. I study my actions, my emotions and how I received them and how others received my display of the resulting aura I gave off and how my control of my emotions influenced the course of my last 24 hours. I believe, that is what makes me unique in the landscape of wonderful teachers of spiritual, metaphysical and occult information, due to the fact that I am making myself available to individuals, were I currently am, in the process of growth, in the process of manifestation, in the process of working towards being all that I am suppose to be. Instead of me going off to the woods or a mountaintop and coming back years later with a long scruffy beard and and an afro and coming towards people on the street saying "I have found enlightenment!" I invite you to join me on my journey. Clearly if you are reading this on Pintrest, Facebook, or directly on my website, you are searching for answers. I am honored that you have been led to me and that I am a part of your learning process. 

There is no such thing as an accident, which is something that I am still gaining more information on as I study. I also want to admit that I am slightly deviating from the well studied and well proven concept of thoughts creating ones reality. As I have studied over the years and as you study, you will come across information that describes becoming "awakened" for lack of a better word or to use a phrase that is often use. Becoming awakened is a celebrated occurrence. It is described and talked about in the same vain as sunlight piercing through the clouds on a rainy day, as the light at the end of the tunnel that is filled with smiles and warm feelings. I do not doubt that such moments exist and I have experienced such moments personally. However, I have to be very clear in helping you to understand something about this journey. There are more people in the world who are into the average same ol' same ol' way of thinking and doing things, than there are people who are serious about finding out who they really are and improving their life. When I say improving life, I mean all aspects of life, mentally, physically, spiritually, psychically, and GASP... financially. Many people on this journey seam to look at money and take the idea of utilizing this new found knowledge and creating comfortable streams of income, and even becoming wealthy as a, non issue. 

There is a concept that I want to discuss. The concept is know as the Soul Journey and it is also known as the Soul Contract and the Soul Journ. I want to give several definitions to help explain and give clear information about the topic that I am addressing. Journey: an act of traveling from one place to another.  My recognition of my journey began as the realization of something nudging me time and again throughout my life up until 2008 when I decided to actually listen to what had been nudging me my whole life. My journey up to that point was filled with nice highs, nothing monumental, but also with extreme lows, painful lows, the kind of lows that bring tears. I am a very strong, manly, male and so for me to be brought to tears, it took a lot, well a lot has looked me right in the face several times on my journey. That nudging was coming from my Soul. Soul: The essential part or fundamental nature of anything; a person's feelings or moral nature as distinct from other faculties. My Soul (Higher Self) and I can also give credit to my Guardian Angel(s),Archangels, Spirit Guides, Ancestors, the All/I AM/UNIVERSE who gave me a word in 2008 that would not leave me alone. That word was METAPHYSICS. Etymological words used to describe and define METAPHYSICS are higher; beyond; branch of speculation that deals with the first cause of things in the realm of the physical. I would go to work, I would go work out, I would eat, I would talk to family and friends and no matter what I was doing, that word kept coming to mind as if someone was speaking it directly into my ear. I had to look in books and on the internet and in the bible and eventually go on a search for how were my people, Black/Melanated/Moorish people were worshiping a higher power before Christianity. I had to discover the meaning of this word and all things connected to it.

 I grew up and spent most of my adult life in the state of Georgia, which is in the United States for those who may be reading this in other parts of the world. Georgia is in the southeastern part of the U.S., which means the culture is one of extreme submission to the practice of Christianity. My great grand parents, grand parents, parents, aunts, uncles, cousins, all of us grew up attending church on Sunday morning and participating in various church activities as children, young adults and went to church as adults, basically because that's all we knew. I always had questions about church as I was growing up and well into my adult years. Many things just did not add up for my level of understanding. If Christianity works for someone, meaning they receive everything that they desire in life with the belief in this practice then cool. I am not here to talk anyone out of anything. I simply could not in good conscious continue to accept a way of "connecting" that was forced or for emphasis beaten into my people and sit in a church acting like its OK. Not me. For me, church is a soul destroying experience that I could no longer participate in. Thus, when I simply and politely decline to go to church, I have to hear criticism from my mother and father.  My wife looks at me funny and even went to the extreme of seeking reinforcement from my mother in order to attempt to extract an answer as to why I would turn my back on GEEZASS!!! I do not talk bad about the church and I attempt to live and let live. However, as a person who studies history, metaphysics, spiritual and occult topics I have developed a well rounded understanding of religion. I do not go to church and yet I have to kiss my two small children on their little cheeks and give them hugs as they go and listen to some fairy tales. I do my part to give wisdom to my little ones, yet my belief and my wife's beliefs have drawn a line between us. Not to mention that I dedicated myself to eating a certain way due to my desire to have the clearest thought realization possible. I also internalized the truth that my body is my temple and that it is the vehicle for my Soul and the ALL to utilize in completing my mission on this Earth. I want my body in top form at all times which  includes me not eating meat, dairy products, reading labels on the few items I purchase to eat that come out of a box, which is not often and will soon not be at all. I eat mainly fruits, vegetables and nuts in various forms and recipes. I am a vegan and raw foodist and its not for me to throw that in someones face and I do not, yet because I live the lifestyle that I lead, I do not find many people like me around. I moved overseas to work as an educator which is just another chapter in my Soul Journey  and find people eating and drinking and thinking the same as in the U.S. Thus it can and does at times get lonely on this path. Sometimes I look around and I want to talk to someone about higher level topics and personal growth and yet the topics most people are talking about are sports, job stress and other forms of things that do not interest me. I used to love the NFL, played sports through high school, coached high school and middle school football successfully. I used to love to watch the NBA finals. However, now I really do not care about those sports anymore. I check up on every once in a while, but it is not like it used to be. I am working on winning my own personal championship as I am sure you are doing as well. I read a headline or two about politics but I really do not care and do not get caught up in what they do. I vote for me! This is my journey.

Getting back to the Soul. My studies thus far explain the process as this. Before we incarnate or are placed in fetus form, we are Souls existing in another realm. Some people will call it dimension. I am not going to use complicated language here because I want to make sure that you understand. I added articles on my Facebook page that go into the topic of the Soul Journey in greater, fine detail. However, this is me and you and I want you to feel me and I do not want to lose you. I will continue,you sit with beings of higher knowledge and understanding and you discuss the lessons that you would like to learn and the experiences that the ALL would desire to experience through you as well, sharing what will become your physical experience. You and these OG's discuss what country you can live in, what physical appearance you will have, the hardships or lack of, you will have in your journey, who your parents will be, will you be in a rich or poor family, mentally stable or messed up family. Your Soul self and the OG's decide on what lessons will allow you to gain more knowledge and what knowledge you may not have received on your last trip to Earth. Just follow me, if you have never heard of such information before. You and the OG's also discuss what unique talents, basic skills and hidden gifts you will possess in this planed incarnation that will assist you throughout this journey. However, the deal that you make is that you will not remember any of these unique talents, basic skills and hidden gifts you possess and you will only receive hints via television, music, movies a passing conversation or perhaps a well placed thought in the form of a word such as METAPHYSICS. You also, unless you have a specific gift that allows you to do so, will not remember the conversation with the OG's. Out of sight out of mind. Once you take on the physical form on this Earth, there is no guarantee how long it will take you to remember that conversation or your unique talents, basic skills and hidden gifts. Thus, depending on what type of experience you chose, life can be extremely easy or difficult. When one's life is difficult, that tends to make one look for answers more so than when one has a cushy life. Those difficulties tend to make one do a lot of Soul Searching. Soul Searching, defined as deep or critical examination of one's motives, actions, beliefs; the characteristics of deep painful self analysis. You will or have already gone through such self analysis, undoubtedly in your analysis you had already began your journey or were contemplating answering "the call." Taking the Soul Journ can be placed within a category or under a term called the Dark Night of the Soul. It can be as bad as it sounds, again depending upon the experience that you chose for this lifetime. The Dark Night of the Soul is defined as a period of ignorance and spiritual crisis, that precedes the communion with Divinity. It is further known as having a hard time, going through a phase of pessimism, sadness and even failure. That communion with Divinity can further be described as the moment you realize that you and the Most High/I AM are one. You always have been, but you did not remember in accordance with the experience that you chose. The pessimism, sadness come into play when you start to lose friends, family, boyfriends, girlfriends, associates and possibly even a husband or wife. It is difficult to no longer be able to relate to people that you once were so close to. It is difficult to not feel the same way about going to the club or the bar. It is difficult to be the only one in your circle of friends who would prefer to drink orange juice, while everyone else is drinking, Bacardi, Patron, Cirioc or any other liquor and ignore the peer pressure that they will undoubtedly be place on you. While at the club you are hearing the "music" watching the people dance and behave outside of themselves and though they are having fun, you not so much. You may not want to eat the hamburgers and hot dogs off the grill at the family Bar-B-Que. You might just want to eat the grilled corn or potato salad just to be nice, because you may have read about the effects of grilling food and you know about food ingredients. So you may be eating and cussing under your breath at the same time! Uncle Rufus with his loud and comedic self will as sure as day, approach you and say something like, "Whats da madder boy?" "You don't like pork ribs no mo?" "You grew up own ribs, chicken and beef, what you dun becom a Mooouuslum?" Meanwhile, Uncle Rufus weighs 300 pounds and is looking like a mix between Hey Kool-Aid Man and Fat Bastard. He has the nerve to talk about you, while chicken grease is dribbling down his chin. Talkin' about' "Ohh Lawd, this some goood ribs!"  

While ignoring the call you may have experienced many failures in you life. I did. There is nothing like having a college degree, working a job that is in a field that you like, loosing the job and then going through four years of low paying jobs, working every hour on the clock day and night, being unemployed, having your car repossessed after ducking the repo man for months, being turned down for jobs at Starbucks and other menial jobs while having a Bachelor of Arts degree in your possession, that you paid for of course, sleeping on the couches of "friends," sleeping of sofa cushions on the floor because you cannot afford a bed, loosing your first child who did not even have a chance to be born. There is more, but I think you get the point. I know pain, sadness, failure. I also know what it is like to head the call and begin to do the research and listen to people who know what you are going through. I know what it is like to sit down and listen to oracles, have a numerology and astrology chart done and to have individuals remind you of the talents you possess and explaining your life's journey to you at the same time. Explaining why you had those difficulties and why you kept getting those nudges all of your life. I know what it is like to step directly on one's designed and agreed upon path and to witness life take off in an upward direction. You will too begin to fly high in life and be able to look back on those hard times and guess what, you will laugh. I can laugh now about dodging the repo man and having my electricity, water and oh yeah cable turned off at various times on my journey. I have not fully manifested all that I intend to. In due time, I will receive all that is in accordance with my life mission, because it is mine by divine right. I asked for it and it is for the purpose of living my greatest and happiest experience while fulfilling my Destiny. I do not ask for what is not mine. I do not want what belongs to someone else, because now that I have true knowledge of self, what is mind is great! I understand the power of the mind in shaping and directing the course.

I encourage you to stay the course. Study, meditate, buy the oils, the crystals, the consultations. However, understand that YOU are your greatest teacher and everyone that comes on your path does so in order to help you become who you are suppose to be. It takes courage to go on this path. You may feel alone and you may feel pain. Rest assured that the people who have faded from your life needed to, in order to make room for the new people to come into your life that vibe on your level. I wish you all the best for surely, it is yours to have.   

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