Universal Law V

The Law of Rhythm

Mutable/Can be manipulated for your benefit or detriment.  

Never allow your emotions to swing too far to the left or too far to the

right. STAND FIRM… Be appreciative of positive moments and gains

that you make in the pursuit of, if you will, money or a living, good

health, positive relationships, spiritual understanding, a love life or

whatever categories of motivation that we all have. Have an

understanding that if life seems to slow down in those areas or that

there seems to be no movement, no gains, no change from one day to

the next at all towards what it is that you desire, that the best course of

action is “Know” action. “Know” action! Yes, that’s what I wrote,


What I mean by this is to truly polarize yourself with your MIND (I will

keep saying this) in the thought of the outcome of what you desire to

see in your life. Know that, just as nothing seems to be happening in

your life that reveals itself in the form of , a new inheritance, winning

the lotto, instant, perfect, new relationship with a man or woman of

your dreams, a new job or even your children behaving and earning

good grades in school, that eventually you will see what it is that you


In life, as I mentioned in my interpretation of the Law of Polarization,

you must stand firm in your beliefs and in doing that, you take yourself

to the next level of understanding. The next level is knowing that based

on the Law of Rhythm, that situations must go in your favor, if you

stand firm.

Just as it is said and has been said by many writers, bloggers, gurus

and anyone who has studied and done their part in one way or another

to tell people of this information that they have utilized first hand; your

thoughts create your reality.

Thus, when you think of that new, better paying, more comfortable,

less aggravating J.O.B. that you have applied for, believe that the

opportunities to obtain that job and ultimately the J.O.B. will and must

come your way.

However, in the mean time you must stand firm in going to your current

J.O.B., Just Over Broke, Just Obey Boss, Janky Old Business, Jive Odd

Bi@&*, and do what is required of you. There is no need to tell your

supervisor, “Man I’m tired of this, I’m tired of ya’ll messin’ with me,

I quit, KISS MY ASS!!! Partaking in this sudden burst of outrage and

really saying what is on your mind and really telling the higher ups at

your job, how you feel with no back up plan or established

replacement for income is not a good idea. How would I know?

Because I once did such a thing.

Though you may be reading this blog and are studying various forms

of higher level thinking, we are still in this world and need money for

our everyday needs, wants and desires. Thus, using Universal Law

responsibly is the message at this particular point.

 Yes, see your success in your mind and feel the emotion of that

success in your innermost being, yet you must live in the moment of

day to day activities with grace and style and with the confidence that

what you wish to do is on its way.

In what can be a constant personal battle of your thoughts changing

from positive to negative, your personal successes and failures can

change literally in the blink of an eye. You must make yourself aware of

what can be mentally looked at as a backward movement in any of

your goals that you may have set in motion.

You have to tell yourself that what you want is on the way, anytime you

see or experience something that is the opposite of what it is that you

see yourself having.

Furthermore, its not about beating yourself up for  "supposedly" not

understanding  this law, this way of living and its application or if you

fall back on "habits." Everything has its  highs and its lows, it’s a matter

of understanding this and believing that you deserve the best of what

life has to offer. Your thoughts would be even more focused if you

understood that the best that life has to offer is in accordance with

your Life Purpose or Destiny. That is, if you have had the opportunity

to study such information.

If you own a pendulum or less significantly a yo yo. You know that the

device will swing and as it swings, there are four guarantees. Guarantee

one is that it will swing to the left. You cannot argue with that. The

pendulum or yo yo is going to swing to the right, that is just common

sense. The pendulum can also swing away from its holder and

obviously it will swing towards its owner. Again, who can argue with

that unless, the person just wants to irritate based on a

twisted general principal, aka G.P.

Thus, just as in anywhere in the world where the weather allows for

rain, there has to be days when the weather will be sunny

with beautiful clear skies, that is simply the law of nature. In

the concept of life, just as surely as a person may experience a setback

or not receive something that is exactly like they wanted it or saw it in

their mind, would it not be right to assume that what you seek, will

come to you eventually?

While I am here let me give further definition of  the word "right."

Other words or synonyms for the word "right" are "morally correct,"

just, good, fair, proper and fitting.  Also “law of a land,” "what someone

deserves,” “a just claim,” “what is due,” correctness and one of my

favorites, truth; "a right action, a good deed." 

To such a degree, don’t you think that not standing firm, allowing

worry to occupy your mind, accompanied with fear, second thoughts

and thinking of everything that can go wrong and not seeing any good

in your situation, can bring more of that to you in accordance to the

Law of Rhythm, Law of Polarization, Law of Correspondence, Law of

Mentalism, Law of Vibration?   

All of the laws work together and are pieces of a serious puzzle with

serious lessons.

So what makes it so hard for a newbie and even for someone who has

studied at least the first five of the Universal Laws, to effectively use

them? The answer is...the world we live in. The world we live in makes it

difficult, if you do not focus and stand firm, in spite of what is shown

to you daily and nightly.

Even for a person such as myself who rarely watches television and has

made many lifestyle changes that are favorable to the clearing of my

mind, body, soul and spirit to understand all of the higher concepts of

information that I study and methods that I use to understand the

information that I study.

Even with all those changes I still can at times get tripped up and get

off track in my forward movement of living the life that I am supposed

to live and doing what is truly in my soul to do. I do this much less than

ever before, but admittedly, I slip sometimes and have to stand tall


We all have looked at Facebook and seen pictures of a friend with his

family or girlfriend enjoying their latest vacation in some beautiful

location. As much as you want to be happy for them, for a brief

moment…if you are working on yourself and your life…you get angry or

feel a little touched.

You might say to yourself, “Wow they are enjoying another great

vacation,” with a slight appreciation or indifference knowing that your

vacations are coming. On the other hand, you could respond like most

people do, “Look at this son-of a-bitch, this muthufucka is in another

country enjoying himself!” “When the fuck, am I going to get to enjoy


Let’s be real. The last response is the most common response.

The response of anger, envy, resentment and a feeling of never having

the opportunity to live in such a way. Thinking as if such beautiful

vacations are out of your reach. That is the absolute WRONG way to

think and feel. That way of thinking and that emotion associated with

that angry reaction is what will keep you from ever enjoying such a

vacation with your family.


Ah, yes, there are rules to this game, better yet, LAWS.


That is why meditation or just good old fashion being by yourself and

pulling away from people and situations that are of your daily norm, is

so important. Believe it or not, as diligent as I am in studying higher

level material and thinking on the same level, sometimes I have to

put this information down, and intentionally look at something that is

downright stupid.

A stand-up comic, a television show, a sports game anything that can

take my mind to a “timeout” level. However, even in “time out” level, I

can still look at that material and gain knowledge which fuels my study

and acquiring of understanding. Many people who study spiritual,

metaphysical,occult and other deep level information, pretend as if

they do not ever take a break. They would have you believe they do

not even pass gas, get real.

Understand this. Your perseverance will be rewarded. As you stand firm

in the knowing, that whatever it is that you are experiencing that is

negative is only temporary depending on your thoughts and level of

recognition. If you can begin to recognize this, the less negative the

backward swing away from what you really want will be.

This, as you raise yourself higher seeing the things you want in life and

becoming the person that you want to be positive or negative, your


Eventually as life swings away from what you seek you will not have

negative experiences at all, because you are patient and standing firm,

unmoved, laughing at the absurdness of things, people, situations that

seek to throw you off of your daily positive or relaxed, neutral vibe and

actions. Standing poised and firm. Working the Law of Rhythm.



Jassiri Nassor


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