Who is Jassiri Nassor?

Who is Jassiri Nassor?  For starters, chronology speaking I am 43 years of age.

I say chronology because my studies within the science of metaphysics, which has been

joyfully extensive and ever growing, has led to my understanding that I have been on this

planet Earth several times  in various physical forms. In this go round I am currently 43 years

of age.  In each incarnation I have been a teacher in one form or another. The information that

is available on reincarnation will tell you that we all come back in physical form several times in

order or until we learn particular lessons. So I must be a hard headed cat or either I love a

challenge and the thrill of victory. I tend to place my feet on the side of the thrill of victory.

This talk is coming from a man who grew up in the south, the bible belt, where Jesus

reigns supreme. If I attempted to talk about metaphysical topics to my family members, they

would say that I am crazy or maybe run away from me while I am screaming OGA BUGA

Kamala the Ugandan Giant (Stereotype)

Kamala the Ugandan Giant (Stereotype)

BUGA!!!  Thus, I do not waist time giving this type of information to family members

acquaintances, definitely not co-workers or random people that I meet. This information is

reserved for people that are on a search for information that gives them unfiltered insight into

who they really are and how they fit in this world and how they can make their lives a success

in all aspects. Success unhinged! Yet, success that is fulfilling to the mental, spiritual,

physical, psychic and financial self of a person and  is without a doubt the most rewarding.

Everything that I have read since I began this journey towards understanding myself, turning

away from understanding the world in 2006 has led me to this point.

On my journey I have studied and continue to study healing crystals, meditation, yoga, past

lives, astrology, numerology, ancient Kemit, veganism/raw food diet, psychology,

neurolinguistic programing, history in particular as it relates to how people moved away from

metaphysics/spirituality/the occult, to religion. I study business, physical fitness, Universal Law,

the Kyballion, the 42 Laws of Maat, Angels, Spirit Guides, Ancestors, the I AM/Universe the

power and usage of money including the energy of money and I could not even begin to make

since of any of this wonderful information without first understanding the power of the mind.

Nothing can work until the MIND is ready and tuned into the right direction in order for true

and deep change to take place. Once my mind was set, then the information came in the form

of books, videos and thoughts and the people I needed to meet to assist me in finding answers

started to show up in my life. The information and the people continue to come in my life, by

the way.

Once I started to gather and make since of all of this information, then I finally got it. I

understood why from the age of 24 when I got out of undergrad school to the age of 41 when

my life took a serious upswing I had to have my ass whooped by life. In various ways my entire

life has been filled with stops and starts and disappointments.

            I GOT KNOCKED OUT!!!!!!!!!

            I GOT KNOCKED OUT!!!!!!!!!

What I realized through my studies is that because I did not have a thorough knowledge of

myself, which includes my known and unknown talents, my known and unknown skills, my

unknown path in life and destiny that I agreed to pursue before I came into physical being.

I suffered. Not knowing this information led to years of odd jobs, lack of money, anger, self

doubt and a series of thoughts of negativity that led to...drumroll...more negativity. But I did

not know!!

The thing that is hard to grasp when one starts to study this information is that all of my

troubles were of my own making. When I first contemplated this, my thoughts were, "I asked

for this?!" I can think back to opportunities that I passed up that could have taken me out of

those rough times and put me on a better path at an earlier time. However, I do not dwell on

such missed opportunities and during those times, my lack of vision which would have led me

out of those mazes of confusion was extremely limited, thus I did not see the opportunities in

front of me. Understanding my path however, let me know that all of the tough times I went

through gave me a higher level of knowledge based on life and the School of Hard Knocks.

                                                                  Ph.D by the way...

                                                                  Ph.D by the way...

I will be giving more information about what I read and how that information turned my life

around in addition to resources that can help you on your journey.  So who is Jassiri Nassor? I

am a man that is more than willing to follow my true calling, knowing that I am assisted in

every way possible by my Guardian Angels, Archangels, Ascendant Masters, Spirit

Guides, Ancestors and the I AM/ THE ALL, because I am doing what I came here to do. I am a

man that is as comfortable being in the company of others as I am in being by myself. I actually

prefer to be by myself. When you love yourself and know yourself you do not mind being by

yourself.  I love to read, I love to learn, I love to exercise and eat healthy, living a healthy

lifestyle. I love old school hip hop and any hip hop, soul music not r&b but soul music, rock

music, jazz and all styles of jazz, country rap tunes, metaphysical music, classical, afro beat

all forms of music that has something to say that is cloaked in love, passion, and a good

message and realism. I do not like fakeness. I do not like the clothing and language of people

who claim to have knowledge of self and the posturing of certain individuals. There are a lot of

people who make this science seem way over the heads of the average person. However, many

people who speak this way have a knowledge that needs to be heard and their knowledge is

extraordinary, yet everyone cannot relate or understand that information given on that level.

Thus, my intention is not only to express myself but to offer metaphysical information in a way

that is very down to Earth and on the level of the everyday person. The perspective of course

is coming from a person who is still learning and I will always let anyone know, I am still

learning. And needless to say you are your ultimate teacher, not me or anyone else.

.Thank you reading and soak up this last bit of information.



Jassiri Nassor


Welcome to Thought Elevation Ola, a starting place for the seeker of the deeper questions of life and the serious self evaluator. My name is Jassiri Nassor. I am a Spiritual/Reality based Thinker and Creative Writer. I specialize in higher level thought. I enjoy helping myself and assisting individuals connect life's dots through the sciences of Metaphysics, Occultism, Common Sense, and Unadulterated NERVE. Over the past six years my study of the aforementioned systems have helped me tremendously in my personal growth and understanding of myself and the world around me. 

The purpose of this blog is to share my personal stories and insights on daily life in a manner that is relatable and based on the FACT that changing the world is irrelevant until you first change YOURSELF. Acknowledging and conquering the negative features of yourself and your flaws is the ultimate victory. Most people need inspiration to do such a thing, well... you have found the right place. I have found that a well rounded person is balanced in the areas of Mental, Spiritual, Physical and Financial pursuits. I do not have all of the answers , yet I share what I have learned on my personal exploration. Through my sharing, I am sure we can find common ground.

Though we are seeking answers together, it doesn't have to be always serious. Laughter and just being a plain smart ass is good medicine for the soul. TRUTH is a excellent truth serum as well. I usually publish new blog post two times per week and I always deliver content to make you think and laugh. Thus, if you do not mind getting a smile on your face and top grade gas in your tank, sign up for the latest blog post and updates on myself Jassiri Nassor and Thought Elevation Ola.