Universal Law IV

The Law of Polarity (Mutable):

Some of the most well know phrases that are identified with the Law of

Polarity are "everything is dual,” everything has its pair of opposites; all

truths are but half-truths;   To understand the Law of Polarity, once

again, the one that wants to know, has to go back to the source. The

source is and will always be the MIND.  You cannot escape it, so there is

no need to try.  In the understanding of polarity, it is important to note

that in the most basic terms, everything that is created has two sides

and a certain amount of similarity in its physical representation, with its

direct opposite. Take a football game for example that may have been

won by a field goal, 3-points. Up until the winning field goal was kicked,

both teams had every right to believe that they were going to win.

Certain things happened and then all of a sudden one team loses and

the other wins. The feeling of victory is not that far from the feeling of

defeat. The loser surely thinks that they had a chance to win and the

winner felt the clutches of a lost, yet was able to pull away. Both teams

are merely feeling the two poles of the same thing which in this case is

a victory. Take a look at this very similar word, which is a part of the

root of Polarization.

Polarize, which means to separate or accumulate positive and negative

electric charges in two distinct regions. To cause the electrical and ma

gnetic fields associated with electromagnetic waves, especially light, to

vibrate in a particular direction or path. Another definition of polarize

is; to accentuate or to give emphasis or prominence to a division in a

group or system" Two synonyms of polarize are separate and isolate,

as in to separate yourself from a group of people or situation that is

not good for you. In such a case, to give emphasis to a particular way

of thinking. Free thinking. To mentally separate yourself from a

situation that you physically find yourself in, with the purpose of

choosing to find the good in that situation or focusing on or visualizing

the direct opposite conditions that are opposite of what you are seeing

in front of you or hearing about as in “hearsay.” Thinking in such a way,

as this will indeed isolate you, which is another synonym of the word

polarize. When in spite of physical appearances and the majority

opinion of people you work with, people you are friends with, people in

your neighborhood, city or country and even in your family, you. You,

as Osho said, are leading a “quite rebellion” and saying “nah, I’m not

with this.” “I am not going to go along with the crowd or better yet

despite of fear or anger and possible uncertainty, you make the

decision to stand firm in the belief that everything will work out in your

favor. Again, in spite of what you may physically see in your direct sight,

in spite of people possibly doing everything within their perceived

power to break you down, in spite of situations occurring that

seemingly are hitting you from all directions, you take back your power

and make a decision to stand firm.

What is it that you stand firm on? You stand firm in the belief that


yourself having the outcome that you desire. That is taking back your

POWER in the highest form. That is the Law of Polarization. The usage

of the Law of Polarization is in its simplest form, choosing a side and

staying on that side. A person can choose to be on the side of the

situations and the emotions that bring constant discomfort, anger, and

every negative thought and emotion that one can consider. The

opposite is to recognize that you do not like the way you are feeling or

your circumstances and making a decision to take control. Of course,

first you have to take control of yourself. In making such a choice, a

person could find themselves standing alone. You make a choice that

you don’t like going to the club anymore, you don’t like drinking

alcohol and getting drunk for supposed fun.

You don’t like hanging around people whose same conversation every

Monday morning, provided that you did not see them on your two day

pass, Saturday and Sunday, is “Man I got smashed or I got fucked up!”

You begin to piece thoughts together and say to yourself, “why is

dragging yourself to the toilet and calling Earl, cool?” “Why is that a

cool thing to tell someone?” You may decide that you don’t give a

damn about who is going to be the new president of the United States.

You may decide that “Drake ain’t shit” and you hate that bullshit

when its played on the radio. You may tell a friend, and he or she is

absolutely appalled that you could ever say such a thing about a

rapper that is played on the radio and video channels a 1000 times a

day. You may make the choice to adhere to a strict vegan and raw food

diet, because you want to feel better, have more energy, lose excess

weight, exercise and get a closer spiritual connection with THE ALL.

Not only that, but in addition you may make a choice to no longer go

to church and worship Jesus. Now you really have your friends and

family looking at you like you are crazy. “It was bad enough that you

cussed out Drake, stopped eating meat and don’t want to go to the

club anymore, but turning your back on Jesus…oh now you going too

far!” Ol’ Polarizing you... Using and standing firm in the Universal Law

and the Law of Polarization. Focusing on the good even when things

appear to be going bad. This will in time bring the changes that you

desire as well as all the negative that can come as a result of standing

firm on what could very well be, new found beliefs. You will see the

negative go away, new friends will replace those who went in the

opposite direction. A new job will replace the current job and be more

of what you need. New opportunities will surface where there was

once seemingly no opportunities.

Believe this and believe it well, any feeling that we experience

constantly can be changed by observing the opposite feeling and

being determined to experience the opposite feeling continuously and

thus permanently breaking free from the current belief and situation. I

read an example of the case of a Fearful man. By raising his mental

vibrations along the line of Fear- Courage, he was be filled with the

highest degree of courage and fearlessness. And, likewise, the Lazy

man may change himself into an active, energetic individual, simply by

polarizing along the lines of the desired quality.  Merely a change of

degree in the same things.

The natural occurrence of Nature is in the direction of the dominant

activity of the Positive pole. Thus, if your thoughts, actions,

emotions, etc. are always the dominant of what is inside of you then

that is what you are going to see in your every waking moment.

The Law of Polarity is a law that is to be overcome or mastered by

learning to rise above it and literally look at it as it is under your

control. This, to the point where in spite of what you see in your face,

“This is your first notice” “Your electricity bill is two most past due…

yadayadayda,” “How do you vote for the lesser of two

evils pleeeeaaaseee.”  I saw a great example when I watched a

children’s program of all things. Star Wars: The Clone Wars - Season 6,

Episode 12 entitled “Destiny,” and Star Wars: The Clone Wars - Season

6, Episode 13 entitled “Sacrifice.”  In these episodes and in

other episodes a very revealing and constant way of being and usage

of The Force and what was learned of the Force in these last two

episodes in particularly by the character Yoda the Jedi Master, was the

true understanding of ones self in all aspects and the understanding of

those aspects; that knowledge of self to understand what is real and

what is not; to understand the true power that an individual has over

all circumstances; the understanding that, until an individual masters

their inner self that they will always be a slave to outer circumstances.

Needless to say there are similarities galore in the Star Wars

philosophy of The Force and the metaphysical, spiritual and occult

sciences/philosophies that exist including the study and understanding

of Universal Law.

This law is mutable meaning that it can be changed or altered

depending on how it is used unlike the first three Universal Laws, the

Law of Mentalism, the Law of Vibration and the Law

of Correspondence.




Jassiri Nassor


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