Super Bowl LI(E)

Well, well, for the millions of football fans around the world the

time has come. The annual celebration of favorite football

teams, celebration of gladiator like violence. A celebration of

celebrity status.

The objectification of athletes doing amazing actions that a

multitude of overweight, gluttonous eating, over alcoholic

drinking, hard to please, gyrating at every play and on the

edge (I guess) of insanity people, who could NEVA do the

same activities. Ohww…come on… Shut up!

You got people getting thrown into every emotion possible

and if a group of fans favorite team loses…. The poor thing will

likely be depressed for a few days, perhaps weeks or worse

months. I have to ask, why because an organization full of

six figure earners and millionaires lost a game?

The poor fool does not realize that after all of the emotions

that the players coaches owners and anyone else directly

affiliated with the team feels for a lost or win, that more than

likely they will be partying together ( GASP)! Yeah, the jokes

on you buddy.

They will be popping bottles kissing strippers, groupies, model

wives,girlfriends,eating the best foods money can buy, while

some sad S.O.B. is hurt. Imagine that… a grown man or

woman just hurt… feelings all balled up and if we

the unattached game watcher will get a chance to see tears

and snot bubbles. From a fan? Maybe a player! Hmmmm…Oh

what joy!! With that said have fun.


Jassiri Nassor


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