So...How's That New Year Resolution Working?

So…How is that New Year’s Resolution working for you? The problem

with these so called resolutions is that they are forced in many cases. I

say they are forced because many people feel a pressure of society to

take on a new goal. I doubt if most people even take into account the

resolution that was made or considered in January of the previous year.


There may be co-workers, family members and friends who have taken

on their own pressured New Year’s Resolution and via the

"conversation,” eventually the question comes to you. So…What is your

New Year’s Resolution? If you did not have a thought of a resolution,

you suddenly feel pressure to think of one on THE SPOT.


You get nervous, heart beats faster, perhaps sweat a little, trying to

think of something to say in response to glorified peer pressure. Come

on, you’re supposed to be an adult. You... like many other people

may have fallen victim to “Water Cooler” bullying, group think.


I guess you did not want to feel like an outsider, so instead of looking

like an asshole which you made yourself look like one anyway ( to

yourself/true self) you said…and you said…then you ended it off by

saying…knowing that when you are alone and have to face yourself that

there is a small chance of you actually following through.   


Why…why is it like that? It is like that because most people are

comfortable with the same old thing. Allow me to say it another way, in

true Jassiri Nassor style. Most people are comfortable with the same ol’

bullshit.  It takes inner confidence and audacity to pursue a goal and to

stick with it when at some point you cannot see any visible change.

Most people for example are Christians yet they do not have any faith.

That’s right I said it. Most people cannot work at a goal with longevity.

Not looking for the instant payoff, ignoring outside influences, and the

most difficult task of self-discipline, not comparing yourself to the next

person. Whoa, that’s a tall order for many people.


Instead of resolutions how about setting two or three goals and stick

with those goals for six months a year or two years. Especially, if the

goals are backed with solid information and a plan of action. Not just a

wishful thought, but a plan of action. Then sticking with those goals for

the long term and watching those commitments gain momentum as

you gain more knowledge, to fuel the goals. Seeing them through to

the end.


I put myself as an example. At the moment I work a job. The job is a

professional position overseas. Yet, I am working on my entrepreneur

goals, which include every aspect of writing and creating business

opportunities associated with this endeavor. I am also working on

being a great father, great husband. Working on getting free and

having to basically play poker everyday on a job, putting on my best

actions and face every day can be draining at times. Getting free from

that is motivational for me.


This is real as real can get. Like I said many blogs ago, I am taking you

on a journey and the journey at this juncture includes working a job.

However, progress is being made continuously. I do not make New

Year’s Resolution, I stay the course, reading books, attending webinars

and seminars, late nights working and going to work after four or two

hours of sleep. I do this with a focus on the future knowing that my

efforts will be rewarded.

Metaphysically, I was born to write. My purpose is to write, share

information, educate, inspire…There are many forms of what is known

as Divination, that can give a person clarity on who they are and what

skills they possess and what direction in life will yield the best results.

Results achieved, while being fully supported in every way imaginable.

Thus, when you are asked at the water cooler about a New Year’s

Resolution, why not put yourself in a position to say “I don’t make

resolutions, I stick with established plans.”

 P.S. Do it for the LOVE OF YOU…


Jassiri Nassor


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