My Ambitions as a Ridah (Rider) 
The journey to live purpose part 2

Ridah - a name that is Arabic in origin-directly linked to I AM/GOD by being on PURPOSE

Rider-An individual that is down for whatever, this person is fearless. This person will stand for anything they believe in (eg. family, career, friends, money, success, education, petitions, changes, love ones, making situations better, etc) A rider would go to great length to achieve their goals, missions or objective and will not stop for anything until it’s accomplished. Riders will do these accomplishments even if it cost them great sacrifices. But their success will be their reward.


As I mentioned in part 1, getting fired was good for me even though at the time I certainly did

not think so. That event eventually would thrust me into going towards my spiritual

AWAKENING. One can become quite awakened with little money to work with, a growling

stomach, bill/debt collectors calling, no steady place to stay, mom’s crying felling the pain of

me not having a job and calling me every day asking if I found a job yet, being angry and

depressed daily, not being able to find a job with a Bachelor of Arts degree in

Mass Communications, ducking the repo man, riding public transportation or a bike or

walking all over Atlanta, GA…whew WHAT AN AWAKENING!!!

However, let me back up. Back to before I was being pushed closer, to the edge if you will. I

mentioned the hypocrisy of the gospel music industry and of the Baptist church, in which the

God’s Strength record label was operated out of. However, according to the Christian doctrine,

I was a hypocrite too.  Now, when it comes to metaphysical and occult knowledge, doing

something that could be considered wrong by most, could be perfectly fine for the

transgressor. However, within church ideology, I was going to hell. Well they got their wish…

more on that later. I mentioned that I drank Heinekens, yet I would also drink, Crown Royal and

soda, Bacardi, long island ice teas, Goldschläger, Bacardi 151 and Jose Cuervo which were my

drinks of choice on Friday and Saturday night excursions with my “then” friends around

Atlanta, GA . We were looking for a club to go to and a girl to come home with. I was never an

alcoholic, I was more of a guy who got a “buzz” then I was cool, no more drinking. The Bacardi

 151 was a drink one of my former “patnas” from New York liked to drink and of course I would

drink the liquid FIRE and FEEEL THE BUUUURNNN and share laughs with my total ,six man

crew. I preferred going out on dates with young ladies to see movies or go somewhere to get a

little bite to eat. Followed by, coming back to the townhome bachelor pad, to get down on

some bedroom gymnastics. I was STROKIN’ that’s what I was doing…I was STROKIN’…I was

STROKIN’ to the east I was STROKIN’ to the west… I was STROKIN’ to the women that I loved

the best..OHHHWW SHHIIIIIT, STROKIN’. (Think about the Clarence Carter song) I am a Scorpio

and being between the ages of 24-26 with a little bit of money, single, with a nice place to live

and a car…Mannn…please and living in Atlanta, GA with millions of beautiful women, I was

READY and did my best to stay BUSY. Now at this point you might be saying “What does this

have to do with, metaphysics and a journey towards fulfilling ones purpose or destiny?”  Be

cool, I’m setting it all up. You see I was “smelling myself” like the old folks used to say. Now in

studying my natal chart and my numerology profile and even studying my past life information.

I found out that I was a ladies man, womanizer, SUPA FREAK in several past lifetimes. The

difference between this lifetime and my others was that I was waaayyyyy worst in my past

lifetimes, if you can call what I did in this lifetime, worse. In past lives I was highly dishonest,

and prone to have sex with sisters of the same family under the same roof, a best friend’s sister,

woman or wife, a woman and her OLDER, let me make sure I state that, Older daughter,

possibly at the same time, menage trois style.

I was cool with orgies, I would mess with any woman and did not care if it was behind her

man’s back or if he knew it. I was reckless with “the long sausage.” I was very dishonest in

relationships were I was supposedly committed to one woman. I broke a lot of hearts with

women in my past lives and the worst part is that I did not give a shit.

However, in this lifetime and rather unconsciously, because I would not study metaphysical and

occult information until 2008 and I am speaking of the years 1997-1999 when I was having a lot

of sex. Responsibly though, because I would not have my first child until I was married and

while being 36 years of age. Additionally, I was getting my “swerve own” from the tender age

of 16. Part of my reincarnation was for me to make amends and survive the test of temptation.

The test of the lust of women and could I overcome that lower level focus in order to put that

energy into the purpose of doing my higher level work, my Destiny work fulfilling my purpose

work. A test amongst many test in this lifetime for me and test that I agreed to before I came

into physical form. However, unconsciously as I was saying, I was very upfront with the women

that I would “share fun” with. Thus, I unconsciously knew that I could not be completely

reckless with my sexual activity as I was in my past lifetime. I even had a slight shyness, that

would at times, prevent me from talking to every woman that I was attracted to. In spite of

that, I still wanted to have my experiences, so I would always have six to seven women at a

time that I would be in weekly contact with and “share fun” with during the ages of 24-26.

During the ages of 16-23 three women or girls at the most.Thus, a brother (I) was rarely alone

and if I was, because the ladies were busy. No problem, I would go out and look for new

members of the team. I would always tell a woman that I had become cool with at that “crucial

moment” that I was dating other women and having sex with other women and if she was

not cool with that, then I understood, it wasn’t problem. We could just talk on the phone,

maybe hang out or part ways, it was up to her. Yet, 10 times out of 10 the young lady would

choose to stay in date mode with the Scorpio and ultimately participate in “bedroom

gymnastics” at my place or hers. I preferred women who had a nice job, a car and her own

place. Thus, some weekends my roommate would see me Friday afternoon and would not see

me again until Sunday afternoon. I was away getting some “KING TREATMENT!” Good food,

because the women I dated could always cook, good sex, because they were always “fine” with

a high sex drive, pampering with giving me back rubs, cutting and manicuring my toe nails and

finger nails. I mean with all that, why stay at my place, when I could be at her place getting

treated like Eddie Murphy in the movie “Coming to America.” I literally had “Royal Bathers”

clap your hands two times. 

However, when I got fired from God’s Strength the party train came to a screeching halt. Not to

mention that the “KING TREATMENT” was merely a way for me to escape the reality that I

hated my job and I hated the high level of hypocrisy that I saw on a daily basis. I remember

that I would always take a break at least twice a day  and walk away from the label office and

go into the church sanctuary. I would look up at these words that were stretched out in bold

big green letters from one side of the church to the other, above the pulpit were the “pimp”

did his thang. The letters read “I Can Do All Things Through Christ That Strengthens Me.” I

would often sit on one of the pughes and look up at those words and think to myself “I need all

kinds of strength to deal with this bullshit.” Every day of the week people would call the church

phone lines asking for prayer and sometimes I would be the one who had to pray for someone

who really was going through a tough time. It was crazy, because I was only trying to get

experience at a record label, I ended up working at a gospel label that happened to be ran out

of a church and I ended up having to pray for people on the phone at various times. They

would often ask to speak with the pastor and we would either pray with them or tell them what

time he would be in, which was usually at 2pm and the offices opened at 9am. The thing about

it is, that bastard would rarely pray on the phone with anybody. I remember once I asked him

about people asking for prayer and I suppose he got tired of people calling. So he told all of

the staff to tell the people that are calling for prayer to only call on Wednesday. Imagine that.

A Christian believer of Jesus who completely forgot about GOD and believes that the only way

that GOD or Jerusalem Slim can hear their words is if the pastor tells these entities what they

need. They had no clue that they can talk to GOD directly with no ones help, nor that GOD

exist within them and that they merely needed to know how to contact GOD within and

further, that they could activate the part of GOD that exist within them to get whatever they


The church is a COLD GAME. I remember seeing old ladies, old men, wonderful, sweet, giving

people, catching the  Metropolitan Atlanta Rapid Transit Authority (MARTA) buses, while the

pastor rode in a Mercedes Benz. Trusting in that Muthafucka and hoping he would put a “Good

Word” in for them with “Da Lawd” and hoping that at least one prayer would get answered, so

they could get some relief from the everyday struggle of poverty, while unreasonably giving

tithes that they could not afford, because the “Pasta” made it seem as if the more money they

gave to “Da Lawd” then the higher “Da Blessin” would be that they would receive.

The same poverty soon jumped on my back, after getting fired, because some “fuck niggas”

who worked at the label, who may have only finished high school at best and who had spent

time in jail over “petty come ups”, got mad because they finally found out about how much

money I was making ,which was not a lot and found a way to get rid of “The College Boy”

which was me. Thus, I started a four year odyssey where I would seemingly work a new 9-10

dollar an hour job every 6 months to a year. My goal at that time was not only survival, not only

trying to get a job that would at least pay me 12 dollars an hour, but to find a job that would

honor the Bachelor of Arts in Mass Communications degree that I have and open the door to a

decent salary, benefits and a break from the free fall that I was feeling. More later….



Jassiri Nassor


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