My Ambitions as a RIDAH/RIDER

My Ambitions as a Ridah (Rider) 
The journey to live purpose part 1

Ridah - a name that is Arabic in origin-directly linked to I AM/GOD by being on PURPOSE

Rider-An individual that is down for whatever, this person is fearless. This person will stand for anything they believe in (eg. family, career, friends, money, success, education, petitions, changes, love ones, making situations better, etc) A rider would go to great length to achieve their goals, missions or objective and will not stop for anything until it’s accomplished. Riders will do these accomplishments even if it cost them great sacrifices. But their success will be their reward.


I stated in my blog post "Who is Jassiri Nassor" that Thought Elevation Ola in its current state is as much a blog about metaphysical, spiritual, occult topics and in particular at this point, numerology, as it is a blog based on my personal growth utilizing these sciences. I am where many people are on their spiritual journey. Learning new information daily and experimenting daily, weekly or whenever the inspiration comes to me.  Seeking the Truth and Authenticity in those practices.

I invited you on this personal journey to discover the truest aspect of ourselves by using my experience as a place of inspection and inspiration. Where I bump my head, you may not have to bump your head. Life is an actual test that is sooooo reeeeeaaaalll…Words can do a good job of describing experiences, however, the experience itself is and should be exciting and indescribable at times. This experience can also be baffling and confusing especially when there is so much self-help and spiritual information that is available. You really have to trust your intuition and decipher the real from the fake. This is for the deep truth seekers.

I know that I have always been a RIDER/RIDAH even when I did not realize it. I have always had a FIRE to prove to myself and any idiot who doubted me in any situation that I can do it. I have always had situations in my life were the situation just looked like a wall was in my way. I found some way to get through the wall. In doing so I always felt like “GOD” was on my side because I would literally pull “rabbits out of hats” and I had the unstudied state of mind that I was “lucky.”

 I grew up in the Southern part of the United States in Augusta, GA. The bible belt, as in I might get “the belt” if I did not get up on Sunday morning to go to church as a youth. It seems odd that years later that I would be studying topics that are far away from Sunday morning sermons. The question above all others is,” how did I become FEARLESS.” I have had a transition from the ideology based on the Christian belief of just that “BELIEF.”  I now take life to the point of “KNOWING.”  Knowing is unquestionable. The transitional period in my life was 1999-2003. I had been working for this “JACKLEG” gospel record label called God’s Strength Records in Atlanta, GA, since 1997 when I graduated from Savannah State University. My goal out of college was to go and work for a record label in Atlanta, any record label. I wanted the experience and I believed I would move on to another more established label later. I went through three years of being absolutely deconstructed. I already had my doubts about religion, thus seeing how shady people were in the gospel music business and people within the church environment as well, really took me to a “special” place mentally. I will give you two brief examples of the gospel music industry and your average church. The gospel music industry first; alcoholism, drug usage, womanizing and any other so called “sin” is fair game and up for grabs in that business. There is no deference in the gospel scene from any other music scene. Drugs are drugs, liars are liars, thieves are thieves, crooks are crooks, sex fiends are sex fiends, addicts are addicts, groupies are groupies etc. etc. I found that those who had achieved the higher levels of fame in that business were the most corrupt and corrupted. That industry is a book in itself worthy of reading. In regards to the church day to day activities I found it even more stunning to see people who “catch the holy ghost” during the Sunday ritual, to be so deceptive and fake. To see people who in just daily conversation could use some of their favorite terms such as “praise Jesus” and then proceed to gossip and snoop around looking for tid bits of information to run and tell “PASSTA” under the guise of getting a pat on the head or the ass for the sneaky secretaries of the church. Yes the “label” was operated out of a church on Campbellton Road in Atlanta, GA. As usual the church was and is the biggest building in the neighborhood and of course there has been zero economic development on that road or surrounding streets in that area over the years, save for a new chicken shack, liquor store or check cashing place. However, the church keeps on collecting money like clockwork, while the people of the neighborhood just keep on waiting for Jesus to return and meanwhile “the PASSTA” will make a decent substitute.

So, by the time that I was fired under shady circumstances, I was really just hanging on and only working for a check. Spiritually I was defeated from just seeing too much corruption and having traveled to several major cities in the US for gospel music conventions and to the Bahamas for a convention as well and still witnessing hypocrisy at its finest wore me down. It all left me dazed and confused. I remember drinking Heinekens, listening to Gill Scott Heron/ Brian Jackson, occasionally working out and getting some sex, as a means of coping with the bullshit. (Just to let you know. You do not have to be depressed to listen to Brian Jackson and Gil Scott Heron’s music, the cats were genius.)

Getting fired was good for me even though at the time I certainly did not think so. That event thrust me into going towards my spiritual AWAKENING. One can become quite awakened with little money to work with, a growling stomach, bill collectors calling, no steady place to stay, mom’s crying, being angry and depressed, not being able to find a job with a Bachelor of Arts degree, ducking the repo man, riding public transportation or a bike or walking all over Atlanta, GA…whew WHAT AN AWAKENING!!!..More Later…




Jassiri Nassor


Welcome to Thought Elevation Ola, a starting place for the seeker of the deeper questions of life and the serious self evaluator. My name is Jassiri Nassor. I am a Spiritual/Reality based Thinker and Creative Writer. I specialize in higher level thought. I enjoy helping myself and assisting individuals connect life's dots through the sciences of Metaphysics, Occultism, Common Sense, and Unadulterated NERVE. Over the past six years my study of the aforementioned systems have helped me tremendously in my personal growth and understanding of myself and the world around me. 

The purpose of this blog is to share my personal stories and insights on daily life in a manner that is relatable and based on the FACT that changing the world is irrelevant until you first change YOURSELF. Acknowledging and conquering the negative features of yourself and your flaws is the ultimate victory. Most people need inspiration to do such a thing, well... you have found the right place. I have found that a well rounded person is balanced in the areas of Mental, Spiritual, Physical and Financial pursuits. I do not have all of the answers , yet I share what I have learned on my personal exploration. Through my sharing, I am sure we can find common ground.

Though we are seeking answers together, it doesn't have to be always serious. Laughter and just being a plain smart ass is good medicine for the soul. TRUTH is a excellent truth serum as well. I usually publish new blog post two times per week and I always deliver content to make you think and laugh. Thus, if you do not mind getting a smile on your face and top grade gas in your tank, sign up for the latest blog post and updates on myself Jassiri Nassor and Thought Elevation Ola.