The 3rd Universal Law:

The Law of Vibration:

The key statement of this third Universal Law is "Nothing rests; everything moves; everything


Everything in the Universe is based on vibration. The Law of Vibration teaches that all

manifestation of thought, emotion, reason, will or desire, or any mental state or condition, is

accompanied by vibrations. A brief example of this that can paint a wonderful picture is music.

For the lovers and romantics, when it is time to be with that special someone what kind of

music will you play to set a certain mood. You may have put extra work into cleaning your

home. You may have your place smelling soooo good with the amore incense. You may

have prepared a special meal that you spent quality time preparing. You pick out some nice

clothes and have candles lit around the home to create a certain vibe. So…when that special

lady comes by your home and you want to put the icing on the cake with music. What are you

going to play at a low volume, “Nosetalgia” by Pusha T and Kendrick Lamar, “Bring Da Ruckus”

by Wu Tang Clan or will you play  oh I don’t know “Send It On” by D’ Angelo or “I Couldn’t

Love You More” by Sade. Some Bozo’s would play the hip hop and the women would be all for

it too. Oh boy the people of 2016, but most people would want to keep things smooth and play

some proper slow jams to set the mood and create a certain “VIBE” of calmness, tranquility

and openness that just sets your ideal perfect evening in the proper motion and needless to

say gives both of you something good think about during the day and nights and

of course until you meet again. Why? Because the VIBRATION was set that built a positive

vibration for another meeting. You used your head the one above your neck in cooperation

with your MIND and put forth a good decision.

You can use your MIND in any degree that you wish but it would be in your best interest to

gain a perfect CONTROL over your thoughts, emotions and mental state. You got to be like

Andre 3000…ICE COLD. Cool in many ways, focused for many days…if you want these laws and

this Universal Law in particular to work. The media, again has a nice system of effecting the

minds of others and producing their desired mental states that they wish to see amongst the

people and like good sheep they pass along that desired mental state. They do it through talk,

actions,Facebook, Instagram, Tumbler, Youtube etc., etc.

Your thoughts are a Vibration, thus control of your thoughts is more serious than words can

express. It is yet another reason to tune out the thoughts and messages of others who do not

“VIBE” with the way you want to think, feel, and live. The 5 friends analogy. If you hang with 4

broke, depressed, unprogressive, average friends, then you will be the 5th broke, depressed,

unprogressive, highly average friend.

Going back to phrases, “The All is Mind, The Universe is Mental,” and “As Above so Below, So

Below, As Above.” It would be logical to assume that since you are a part of The All by way of

your MIND and you contain the same energy and power to create as does The All, although to

a lesser degree, then it would seem logical to say that your Vibration is in tune with the direct

and immediate modulation of an electric current. This current sparks an action such as the

process of changing a key in the playing of a musical instrument. The understanding being that

the Vibration that a being creates with that musical instrument is best done with the

purposeful intent, when it is done under CONTROL. When you control something you are

directing, you are the director. With the Principal of Vibration you are literally directing or

adjusting your life based upon your thoughts or the “VIBE” that you are giving off.

When there is something that you want out of life and you place thoughts upon it. You are

sending off vibrations. You are unknowingly or knowingly participating in the Principal of

Vibration. If the thoughts of what it is that you want are backed up with positive thoughts and

the thoughts of actually seeing yourself having what you believe you have the right to have,

then your vibration is working in a space of you eventually getting what it is that you want. If

your thoughts of what you want are backed up with negative thoughts such as “Only certain

types of people get to live like that,” or “Must be nice…” or once you start to enjoy the thought

you look more at where you presently are in life, and you thus no longer give yourself

permission to DREAM then, you ultimately will not get what you really want and you will

not experience what it is that could change your life.

Life is Cold, and sometimes Hard, but it is Fair. We are always in the driver’s seat.  



Jassiri Nassor


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