John Q: Barbecue or Mildew Part 2


In our last episode, I spoke about the commonly used term John Q. Public or Joe Blow which is

the term I gave most of my analysis to. I gave you something to think about in regards to how

this individual can be perceived and what are true actualities, in spite of most people

immediately drawing a picture in their minds of a person who is extremely average, when the

term Joe Blow is heard or used. For example, a young lady may be speaking to her female

friend about a conversation she had with a young man she met recently. Her conversation

with her friend is centered on the man's first phone call over the phone recently. Based upon

the information that the young man revealed about himself, the young lady may not be

impressed with what she heard and may tell her friend, "Oh, he was just a Joe Blow, he works

at Footlocker." The flip side of that conversation could be if this particular Joe worked a high

paying job that brought certain perks. The young lady's tune could change considerably. "Girl,

he was not your average Joe Blow!" Of course all young ladies are different so just follow me.

 I am uniquely qualified to speak upon the lowly example of Joe Blow because I was that guy

and it was no fun. In one day, I went from working a job were I was utilizing my Bachelor of

Arts in Mass Communications at a job at a record label, then thrust into a situation were

within a matter of months, I went from being unemployed, to working for $6.00 an hour

working at the Georgia Department of Revenue, then working a fitness gym for $7.00 an hour

with what had to be a mixture of heaven and hell. Some of the most arrogant men in

Atlanta,GA worked out at this gym and at the same time the finest women in Atlanta seemed

to workout there as well. Those arrogant bastards never missed an opportunity to flex their

job position and bank accounts at anyone within earshot, man or woman. Then, I slid to one

lowly job after another of what seemed a serious "Fire of Affliction." All the while trying to

figure out, why is it that I could not get a descent job. I once got turned down for a job

working at a bagel shop, I thought to myself "What kind of shit is this, I have a college

degree!" This slide of life that I went through occurred between 1999-2005. One job more

bizarre than the last and with me going from sharing a spacious two bedroom townhouse

bachelor pad with a college friend and a lot of friendly ladies, to sleeping on several couches

at various family and friends houses, apartments and with a few girlfriends who felt sorry for

me and yet saw potential in me. Once I began to study metaphysics and for the purpose of

this article, numerology, I discovered that I was going through a series of personal challenges

within a particular pinnacle based on my age during those years and that I was ignoring my

true Life Path, Soul Purpose and Destiny. During those years my sole drive was to get into the

music business. That's all I wanted to do. I worked all sorts of crappy jobs, just so I could stay

in Atlanta,GA and during my free time go to "industry functions," "networking events," "music

industry panels" and the like, attempting to panhandle or solicit my desire to sing, write songs

and perhaps get another job in the business. No,no,No,no,No,no,No, all I

heard, in so many ways. I once fell on my knees... in yet a second town home I shared with

another friend who was not home at the time. I was on my knees looking up at the sky and

the ceiling, asking GOD, "Why is this happening to me?" I was in tears and looking for

answers, begging for answers for the reason for my years of misfortune. What I have learned

through intense study and self analysis is that each of us is born with a purpose. Some of us

are able to be financially successful in spite of not following that purpose and yet at some

point in time the call for more meaning in life may come and a comfortable financially

supported move is made. However, there are seemingly more people who are in situations

similar to what I experienced. What I experienced was a severe kick in the ASS, due to me not

following my purpose in life. Life refused to ease up on me until I began to follow the path

that I was born to follow. My particular path is to teach, inspire, be a leader, follow an

unconventional path and establish businesses that fall under these banners. The information

that I present is meant for everyone, yet it is especially meant for the underdogs,the

castaways. The people that most people do not give a first or second thought about, let alone

a look. When you are on your path or what is commonly called your "souljourn," the Universe,

I AM will support you in everyway to ensure your success, because it is needed, not just for

you, but for others you do not even know. The thing about it is that everyone is not meant to

or suppose to do the same thing. I will put it another way, that some people need to hear, all

of us are not meant to get money the same way. All of us are not suppose to be professional,

athletes, singers, rappers, actors, artist, writers etc. We can all live fulfilling and successful lives

on our own terms, in our own unique way. Currently, I work as a public school teacher

overseas, while working on my next and best move. I am not rich yet, but I do very well and I

have much more peace in my life, just in case you were wondering. I also know and love my

future! Yeah I said it! Now that I have laid further ground work, let me get back to Joe Blow.

 I will get into a history of Numerology in another blog. I am going to give Numerology

information that the Higher level Joe Blow and the Lower level Joe Blow can utilize. Let us

treat Joe as if he is a real person. As I use Joe as an example, put yourself in his shoes or her

shoes if you like and see how the information can be used to really examine yourself and to

give direction to your life. The first thing that needs to be understood about Numerology is

that you do not need to use anything other than your full name and your date of birth. That

information alone can give you serious information that can change your life. Its like the

fictional character Morpheus from the Matrix telling information to the character Neo. When

Neo finally believed in what he was told about himself and owned it and decided to use it, oh

it was time for Smith and the boys to run. What if Neo did not listen? What if he was like,

Morpheus, bruh that information sounds good maan, but I got this job, I got a little hustle on

the side, I got my little small apartment man, I pay my bills and you know I'm all right man... If

that would have been his attitude it would have been a short movie. I know you know of

people now, who you might approach with perhaps a better job or a management job at their

current place of employment and you know...the first thing that person will say is something

like, "Man my job is gravy." You might say, "Dude you can make more money and do better,"

your friend will insist, "Naaw man I'm going to stay on the job I got, what ups for the

weekend?" You're trying to help and the idiot wants to chase tail on the weekend? Back to Joe

Blow. 1st lets inform Joe about his Life lesson. The Life lesson is what you Must learn in THIS

LIFETIME. The L.L. is very important in your choice of a career, it indicates your Cosmic Gift.

This Gift is to be utilized within a career that is a reflection of your Life Lesson (L.L.) is given

to you or should I say you agreed to, in order for you to be successful in fulfilling your

Destiny. So, what is Joe Blow's Life Lesson. His Lesson falls under the number 3, which was

derived from a fictional birthday I gave him which is November 1, 1980.  Briefly, before I get

into the L.L. let me speak about his day of birth which is 1. A person who is born on a 1 day

wants to be first and he does activities that display his individuality. This birthdate indicates

that he is or can be both forceful with his ideas and good at giving orders or could be. He has

the ability if not already realized, to be an innovator. When I say could be, I am referring to the

choice to use the talent or not or High Joe using the gift, Low Joe not using the gift. The 3

represents intellectual, artistic or creative endeavors, thus these are areas that are a natural fit

for him. Joe needs to or does express himself and puts forth action thus sees the results of his

work manifest. Swagg (if that word is still used) rewards, luxury and pleasure are or could be a

part of Joe's life. Joe is or could be successful in doing anything that allows for him to express

artistic, writing, speaking, designing, illustrating or even dancing or acting abilities. Yet, he has

learned or must learn to stick with one gift and master it before even considering utilizing

another gift. He has or should use his natural "Gift of Gab," and "Optimistic World View" to

inspire everyone around him. Joe has gifts that would serve him well if he follows his L.L. Life

Lesson and learns it. For Low Joe he can read this and slap himself on the forehead and say

"Damn, I can do that?" Yeah, you can do that. If you do not have the nerve, get it, what else

are you doing?

Lets get into his Outer Personality number, also known as the way people see us, our outer

appearance. Joe's Outer Personality number is a 2. He appears to be quiet and modest. He

displays himself as someone who cars about details, neatness and cleanliness. He prefers to

work behind the scenes and cooperate with others, thus the Outer Personality number 2

works well with his leadership role of the L.L. 1. Joe is attractive or could be to the ladies. Joe

can appear to be restless and dissatisfied with conditions because of the amount of energy

that he puts into every situation. If Joe is a negative 2, he will lack self confidence and be very

indecisive and afraid to make decisions. Further, he could be deceitful or two-faced or even

depressed if his environment is unhappy. In the case of Low Joe, this could explain his lack of

success. Look at yourself, at the man in the mirror or the woman in the mirror. Do you like

what you see, do you like the things that life is showing youuuuuuuu....

Now let me shed light on Joe Blow's Soul Number. This number represents the "YOU" that

you know the best. It is who you are or desire to be when no one is around. It is who you truly

envision yourself to be, in the greatest place that there is, within yourself. High Joe and Low

Joe both have a Soul Number of 8. Ambition is the word! Joe believes or as I have said, should

believe in accomplishment and letting NOTHING get in the way of accomplishing his goals,

his dreams. It is not an easy Soul Number to handle but the rewards are worthy of the diligent

effort. Joe has the ability, the talent to rise above the crowd and arrive at the pinnacle. Joe or

JoAnn has the ability to organize large groups and ventures successfully. If this energy is

expressed negatively Joe can be a person who is feared, as in a bully; ruthless, selfish and

domineering. Joe needs to create a stable material world in which he shares his leadership

abilities and creative talents. Joe needs to SHINE aka not be scared to attain wealth, a high

salary etc. and show it. However, Joe needs to share the wealth with others intelligently, show

them how to get to where he is and his ability to enrich others needs to be express. 

Now this is were it all comes together, the Destiny Number. This number reveals what an

individual MUST do in this lifetime. This number reveals the path that must be walked, what

you must accomplish, what you must be. It is that thing that will not leave you alone. It is that

thing that nags and nags when you are asleep, when you are are awake. Until you do it, you

will never have PEACE. It does not matter how much money you have, how much status you

have, how many material possessions you own, how big your house is, this is something that

you have to do. On the flip side for Low Joe, it is that dream that he is too SCARED to go

after. Instead of going after that dream, (excuse my language) Joe BITCHED OUT!! Joe is

SCARRED OF SUCCESS!! Joe shot for a as low a position in life as he could get and not the

max and he crapped out. Instead of regrouping and getting at it again, he never recovered. He

"GOT HIS HEART TOOK," like many people in the southern states of the US like to say or in

other words he or she lost "THE NERVE." The worst thing ever in life is to become old and

eventually elderly and to have to look back on your life and say "I wish I would have went after

my dream, that thing that kept nagging me." "I wish I would have heeded the call!" So what is

THAT CALL for Joe? Joe needs to be the center of his world, concerned with his individual

desires and seeking self preservation above all else. Even if he cares for others he cannot help

them until he helps himself first. Joe must, as it has been stated previously, become a leader,

take the initiative and be independent in all things. Joe's field of opportunity is where he learns

or has learned to stand alone. Joe must think for himself and individualize his or her character.

Joe or JoAnn is not meant to follow the crowd, the latest fad, a particular "star" etc. Joe needs

to focus, if he or she has not already, on being their own star, on their own stage, the stage of

his own life. She is the writer, director, producer and the star. People will tell you that the path

to success is based on "Who you know." Well guess what? On the spiritual path, on the

souljourn, you know the I AM, GOD, ALLAH, THE UNIVERSE and you have an understanding

through developing knowledge that you and that powerful entity are ONE, I AM. When you

recognize that, you have already done all of the networking that you need to do. You got the

best hook up, you are already put on. The people that you need to meet that can benefit you

mentally, physically, psychically, spiritually and financially will naturally gravitate towards you

at the right time. The people who do not serve you will completely stay away from you, to the

point were you might not have any friends for a while, which is excellent, because that means

the real people that need to be in your life in all aspects will appear in due time. 

Now, after analyzing the name Joe Blow from a Numerological perspective, clearly Joe Blow is

not the loser or average guy that he or she is made out to be. Joe Blow has the potential or is

an incredible individual. It is interesting how the name has been thrown out in the public and

perceived as it is and yet those in the know perhaps knew through Numerology how much

positive could be associated with the name. Hmmmmmmmm...  Know Thy Self.

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