John Q: Barbecue or Mildew; Part 1

There is a term that is used for the average citizen, the average man on the street. That term

of endearment is know as Joe Blow or John Q Public. Joe Blow is a term that can be used to

describe an individual that is extremely successful as the world deems success to be, as in

being the owner of an expensive car, beautiful home, fine clothes and a method of earning

cash that opens the door for outward and inward satisfaction. On the other hand, Joe, in spite

of his abundant sums of cash, fine clothes and that expensive car, may not feel completely

satisfied. The money, the women that naturally come forward at such a level , the beautiful

home, the expensive car or cars are never enough to satisfy Joe. He feels that something is

missing in his/her life. All of the big deals completed, all of the material items that he can buy,

all of the expensive trips that he can take, all of the women he can sleep with, all the bragging

he does, cannot fill that missing void that he feels and has felt his whole life. The feeling that

there is something more to life than what he is experiencing, though it is quite fun living in

such a way. Suffice to say, many of the individuals that have fallen within this paradigm have

become abusers of sex, drugs, alcohol and sadly fell into depression and suicide. Yet, many

people look at them as if they have it made and they are living the good life. 

However, most people look at the title Joe Blow as a negative, as a person to not be taken

seriously. Joe Blow, a person who is not worth a second look. Joe Blow, a person that is

basically someone who goes to an average job, doing activities for a living such as driving a

fork lift at a warehouse, working well into the late night and early morning stocking items at a

store, maybe working at Wal-Mart, perhaps even making a living as a construction worker. Joe

is perceive to not be glamorous by any stretch of the imagination. Joe is not thought of as

driving a nice vehicle, Joe is visualized driving  a "hooptie," perhaps getting in and out of the

car on the passenger side. 

On an even lower level, there are Joe Blows in this world who are at dead end places everyday

like the temporary employer , Labor Ready, at 5:30 AM, looking for a day job perhaps digging

ditches for maybe $50 dollars, which would be his compensation that day for such a laborious

activity. Perhaps, another Joe would be homeless, pushing a shopping cart full of empty soda

cans, "Bubbles Style," like the well know character from the critically acclaim television show

The Wire. Looking for spare change all day and trying to hustle free magazines such as

Creative Loafing or Atlanta Magazine on Peachtree street in Five Points, Atlanta,GA to tourist.

The confidence and self esteem of such aforementioned Joes could very well be at zero,but

does it have to be? What if Joe was given a thorough understanding of who he is and the great

talents that he possesses. What if Joe was given a glimpse deep into his soul, his life purpose

and destiny. What if Joe was made to know all of the tools that are in his possession, that if he

actually learned to use these tools, that he could in a reasonable amount of time completely

change his life. For that wealthy Joe, such information could fill that void that he feels in his

life and of course many successful individuals have left high paying jobs to do something that

was more in tune with their inner calling.  

So what could be the wake up call for both set of Joes? I propose an ancient science known as

Numerology for starters. People throughout antiquity contemplated the meaning of life and

pondered the question of "What is the meaning of life, my life?" In 2016 people are asking

themselves the same question. People are asking themselves "What am I suppose to do with

my life? They are on a job that pays great money, but something about that job is just not

fulfilling, in spite of the mask of that job providing so much envy, and admiration they want to

make a change. For the Joe that works that low paying, hard labor job, the Joe that cannot

find a job, the Joe that is homeless, wondering silently and out loud, "What is going on!" Yeah,

people need answers, that Pastor just cannot provide and I propose studying ones self in order

to find purpose and direction for one's life and in part two of this two part blog, I will get into

a brief history of Numerology and give insight into how people in need of answers can find

answers utilizing Numerology. There is a well known term in metaphysical circles. That term is

"Man Know Thyself." That term applies to the ladies as well.

When a person is  given such information and opportunity they are faced with a choice, a hard

choice. Imagine me, pointing a finger at you once you reach this crossroad and saying "Are you

going to Barbecue or Mildew...Keep doing the same old thing or make a change, stay tuned.

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Jassiri Nassor


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