I'm Cool With Me!!!

One of the first blog post that I wrote is entitled "The Soul Journ is Painful. Life Journey."  In

that post I described what life is like when you make a decision  to go in a different direction

than everyone else that you know. I chronicled what it is like when you choose to look at life,

read information, listen to audio, watch videos and think in a way that sets you apart from what

is conceived to be "normal."

I wrote about what it is like when you start to feel a new way about activities, places and

people who played a significant role in your life, prior to you listening to your inner self and

making a  choice to go in a new direction, with the expectation of receiving new results. I also

mentioned that during this process, you may feel alone, irritated, frustrated, because those that

you care about, are not acceptant of your new view and attitude about life.

I wrote that those people whom you care about may, decide that they do not like the changes

that you are making in your life because of all things, it is a "bad reflection on them." They do

not have the courage to stand alone and make such a change. They want to let you know at

every opportunity about how disappointed they are that you do not want to go to church

anymore. They want to question why you do not want to eat meat anymore. They want to

know why you do not get excited about the "Holidays" anymore. When you are around certain

people, you find out that they want to complain to other people that you know, about why you

would not participate in their mundane bullshit conversation about a whole lot of nothing! A

conversation that was not uplifting to your spirit, nor spoke to your goals, nor dealt with

putting money in your pocket, investing, saving, none of the kind. Nothing in the conversation

that spoke about solutions, just all about spending money on things that you no longer care

about, complaining about things that do not bother you and even having the nerve to

complain that you seem to "be in your own world."   That being the only thing they said about

you that was correct.

Now for the "FIRE."  In spite of all of the complaints, and unasked for observations and

critiques, I, like you who are reading this, have learned to live and let live. You have learned to

not force your views and way of life on anyone. You do what you do, study what you study in

quiet. You plan in quiet and execute in quiet. Yet, these muthafukas want to keep fuckin with


Well guess what? The Universe gives you the green light and always has given you the green

light to tell these people to LEAVE YOU ALONE! You have the right to tell these people to back

the hell off of you! You want to be in peace and these people are trying to break you into

pieces. Anything they can find to bother you is like blood in the water to a shark! Here they

come! I also mentioned that I am in a transition mode. I do not manifest everything that I want

instantly. I do not know everything. I am still working a job. Everything is a process and steps

to be taken towards the life that I and you desire.

Sometimes I am broke as hell, with all the bills paid...like James Brown said I'm on my "Bad

Foot." That is if I choose to look at my situation like that. I know my situation is changing for

the better, however I have and you have as well, people around you who will get a peek at your

financial situation and they may want to make "cutting" comments like, "You might have had

some money if you had not spent that money on those crystals." Such a comment was made to

me by someone very close to me I might add. I could have got angry at the person who said

it...I could have felt bad about myself...I could have done a number of unproductive things, yet I

stood firm and took the blow. Why? Because I know my situation is going to change in

accordance with what I know, which is what I choose to see as being the outcome that I

deserve. You have to do the same.

My outcome is not determined by what I see immediately in front of me. I can however, look at

what is in front of me and question why is my money "funny" at this moment? That type of self

analysis is when you have to step off the spiritual, metaphysical pedestal for a moment and

take a hard and perhaps uncomfortable look at what is going on around you. How are you

spending your money and if you are married or in a "serious" relationship, how is this money

being spent? The situation that warrants a closer look may not be about money, it may be how

someone makes you feel, it may be your level of success or lack of, at your job, anything that is

putting a drag on you flying high.

However, you know all the things that you need to work on, to be complete in the person you

desire to be and its not up to someone who keeps getting the same results year after year,

month after month, day after day and hour after hour etc., to tell you (shit) anything. These

people who are running around like mad people, pushing and shoving trying to let there

children or in their case, kids (baby goats) see Santa Clause. Hiding gifts like an idiot, and

putting presents under the tree while the baby goats are asleep, just so they can say the next

morning,"Look what Santa Clause brought you!" Meanwhile, being broke and not knowing how

the bills are going to get paid this or next month or they are feeling empty inside because

despite the financial ability to buy gifts unlimited, they cannot hide the lack of true

relationship with family and so called friends. People who may be friends strictly based on it

being "good business" to be your friend. These are the people that I and you are supposed to

listen to in order to figure out what is wrong with the way life is lived? These hypocrites? These

alcoholics, smokers, diabetics, secretly depressed, overweight, no business barrin,' insecure

muthafuckas. (Tis' the reason why liquor, is in season) 

No thanks!  Not even for a minute. Now I do not advocate violence, at this point, you should

have a patience out of this world. So let him or her talk and get it all out of their system. Then

you have the right to take your spiritual hat off and let them know that you do not care about

what they have to say. You respectfully decline that "advice." The same "advice" that may have

put you in bad situation after bad situation because your intuition was not developed or

trusted as in that inner voice. 

For some of you, if you knew how to listen to that inner voice or higher self you would not have

married that person that you married or loaned that money, or become a friend of that person,

or stayed at that job so long and I can go on and on. The point is that "I'm Cool With Me!! You

need to be "Cool With You!" If someone has some advice that passes the test of discernment

and common sense based on what you have studied thus far and based upon possibly a new

angle on solving a problem, then by all means take that advice. It maters not if that person is

studying Universal Law or if they are studying fantasy football, which is a waist of time in my

opinion but hey, that's just me. Take the advice if its from a good place. 

Understand this though. Just because you made a choice to follow a path of being more

spiritually aware and being more conscious of every aspect of your life, does not mean that

you will not make mistakes along the path. We will never be 100% perfect and that is OK,

because we are not The All.

However, we do not have to be anyone's "doormat" either.   




Jassiri Nassor


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