How I Went From Networking to Trusting Myself

We are all on the grind as “somebody” decided to call it, to obtain what we want and need. In the pursuit of our individual goals, we have people in mind who have achieved various degrees of success, whom we do not personally know. We have been taught and have fully accepted that we must actively seek out these people and find ways to gain their favor. Why?

We must exchange business cards, join Meetup and (at your own risk) Facebook groups. We are told to Tweet, use Pinterest, Instagram, Snapchat and LinkedIn, in addition to going to networking events in person...looking our best. But, is this really the best way to get ahead? Have you ever felt a little cheap after smiling and putting on your best behavior for one of the many people that you just had to meet? If not...then fine...if you have, then perhaps this post can add a new perspective to this networking thing.

As I said mentioned previously, we have been taught to “network.” This means that we want entry into a new group, which is defined as an, "interconnected group of people" and "any complex, interlocking system." Many people do not have to network with anyone because they are born into this “interconnected group of people,” who operate in a “complex, interlocking system.” Let’s be honest, those who are not born into this so called advantage, have a serious problem with it.

Furthermore, let’s take another look at networking, which comes from the famous orange book by author Robert Greene, known as The 48 Laws of Power. In this book there is an entire chapter dedicated to the art of networking. The art is explored in Law 13. A few quotes from this law may not bring a warm and fuzzy feeling.

Take this quote “Know that even the most powerful person is locked inside needs of his own, and that if you make no appeal to his self-interest, he merely sees you as desperate or, at best, a waste of time.” Ouch!! “They talk as if their needs mattered to these people-who probably couldn’t care less.” C’mon….

When most people are attempting to have a conversion with someone whom they believe has influence, they go on and on about their education, past accomplishments, current accomplishments and perhaps the school that they attended. They may mention their ranking in the graduating class, try to be funny, clever or mention current events. Trying every play in the book to find a way to make this person think the words, “I like you.” However, these quotes are like a bucket of ice cold water thrown in one’s face.

If the “mark” does not see that you can further his personal ambitions, then are wasting your breath. So, what do you do?

Ask yourself this question. What am I trying to accomplish and what can I do on my own that can further my cause, which I can be in full control of. I mention this because I believe finding such information about yourself, will lead you towards a series of actions and accomplishments. I am sure you are saying to yourself, oh, yeah prove it.

All right, I mentioned in a previous post that I used to be depressed,

broke and sleeping on a friend’s coach. I had no car, and no woman, the great Gill Scott Heron would have said, I had the quadruple blues. I found a calling which was teaching, I started to substitute teach at different schools, someone at one of the schools noticed a natural teaching ability that I had and asked if I ever considered becoming certified to teach. Until I was asked this question, I had never seriously considered such a career. I became certified a few years later and a few years after that, I moved overseas to teach. All of those events occurred in perfect order and are what are known as synchronicities or "meaningful coincidences" as described by the genius wildman, psychologist Carl Jung. More synchronicities, with much bigger payoffs are soon to come, because I learned to trust myself and believe in my abilities and vision. Why can’t you do the same?

I give this example as a means to give you the option of doing something related to your overall goal, perhaps volunteering, working a job related to your dream job, starting a blog based on your interest, anything that can take you further along the road to your ultimate goal. Perhaps a job is not your dream. Maybe you or someone you know is simply looking for a new way of life, because you are TIRED OF THE...

Vision, imagination, action and ignoring anybody who wants to talk against what YOU believe in is TRUTH. Your ultimate goal should not be in the grip of those who comprise an “interconnected group of people,” who operate in a “complex, interlocking system.” Your grip is much better, wouldn’t you agree.


Jassiri Nassor


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