How can I choose my mobile number using numerology?


I will start off by making a statement that I like to frequently make. The statement is “according to my studies.” Meaning that the only true way to understand numerology is through study of many books and doing a case study if you will, by its utilization in YOUR life. As in, what you have noticed in the way of coincidences and how events have lined up with your life through thought and application OF USING NUMEROLOGY. I am not an expert. Expert means that I know everything there is to know. Nobody knows everything there is to know. If they say so they are lying. As long as we live there is studying to do, in any field of interest or work.

A good book for beginning the study of numerology is “The Complete idiot’s Guide to Numerology.” Not that I am calling you an idiot, but this book is a good place to start and of course more detailed books will give much more in the way of information.

Now, How can I choose my mobile number using numerology? The sequence of numbers in a phone number when added together in numerology fashion, end up in a double digit number and reduced to a single number, will reveal information similar to many other forms of numerology workings. I cannot ask you for your number and I will not give my number, so I decided to dust off a very famous number. A number know very well by R&B and Funk music fans around the world. The number is 777–9311.

In typical ME fashion, I am going to explain the answer to this question in a fun way and when I am done you may find yourself looking up a new song.

You may be very young and not have a clue of the significance of this number, so I will help you. Take a look below.


The gentleman in the picture is know as Morris Day and he is the lead singer for a legendary band known as THE TIME. They are from Minneapolis, MN, whose area code is 612. I will be using 612–777–9311 to explain phone number numerology and the energy of this number and how it proved prophetic in regards to the careers of Morris Day and the band in which he is a member of, which is again known as THE TIME and they are still recording albums and doing concerts around the world in 2018 and they were formed in Minneapolis in 1981. Hmm, I think they knew something. Let’s see.

Now, according to my studies the area code of a number is not the most important number within the set of numbers. Not as significant to you the individual, because the energy associated with the area code is more specific to the city it addresses. That energy is minor, in regards to the 3-digit prefix and the last 4-digits of the number which you have the option to pick in most cases, when you are selecting a new phone service number for home and mobile service.

With the example I am providing, I will look at 612 the area code for Minneapolis, MN which is also the place of origin for an even larger musical giant know as PRINCE. So what is the energy of the 612 area code that brought the world THE TIME and PRINCE most famously?

AREA CODE 6 + 1+ 2=9

I will apply the area code’s number 9 to THE TIME and Prince. Nine in this case indicates ATTAINMENT, PERFECTION, the seeds of new beginnings, the foundation for future growth.

An urge for freedom according to motivations and inspirations. Becoming a beacon for others, sympathetic and compassionate nature. Endings, is also an energy of the 9 and as of yet, there has not been any artist from Minneapolis who has achieved the level of worldwide fame as that of PRINCE. However, there are many singers and bands who have found success nevertheless, on a smaller scale. In the area of hip hop the recording label Rhymesayers Entertainment has a huge underground success based out of the city, that extends worldwide.

PREFIX 7+7+7=21/3

The prefix according to my studies, is still linked to the general area, in this case Minneapolis. So what is the vibe, again in relation to THE TIME and PRINCE? The limitations that most feared, they did not fear and proved to be the cornerstones of their success. Travel and moving, satisfied their natural need for liberation and freedom. Of course music is what allowed them to travel around the world.

In the negative side of 21/3 people can become selfish and greedy. Research into the personal dealings and business relationships of the individual members of THE TIME and the business relationship between THE TIME and PRINCE, reveal that as fame and money increase, problems with money increased due to… PRINCE himself had problems with his record label in his career and for a time publicly wore the words SLAVE on his face, as a form of protest against selfish and greedy business practices he endured and even called himself SYMBOL instead of PRINCE during that time period.

Nevertheless, THE TIME and to a larger degree PRINCE have proven to be an example for others in the way of being legends and giving, by way of the joy of music. Of course people have also envied their material wealth. The mystique of PRINCE is worldwide and many see him as the ultimate realization of a personality in which they desire to emulate. Many have heard his music and have found messages related to cosmic consciousness…that is PRINCE. All of the aforementioned falls under the vibration of the 21/3.

Now, the most important part of the phone number. 9311


Right off the bat the number 5 is infamous for relating to being extremely outgoing and being indulgent. PRINCE and THE TIME are know as a part of the entertainment industry. The song 777–9311 is from The Time's second album, What Time Is It? .The song solidified the band’s career and catapulted them to higher levels of fame. 14/5 has the energy of a vivid imagination. Song writing anyone? 14/5 also is identified with considering a wide rang of possibilities. The sexual principal applies here and needless to say, as a singer or band, once a song has become extremely popular and the artist begin to perform concerts, well…groupies tend to appear. The energy of those last four digits 9311. Overindulgence, may have been a cause for business and personal issues as overindulgence is a common temptation with the energy of 14/5 more than any other number.

Business was booming and continues to for THE TIME and for PRINCE as well. Specifically for the song 777–9311, it is still a very profitable and popular song. They endured and were able to progress through the 80’s and up to 2018, have been able to bring inspired messages to the world.

Now, in reference to again, How can I choose my mobile number using numerology?

Yes. I would suggest choosing a number, depending on what type of energy you are seeking to bring to you. What extra stroke of good fortune would you like to give a good kick to? Look and study the numbers 1–9 and as far up as 78, in regards to the TAROT. You will find solid meanings in not only the single digit numbers, but in the double digit numbers as well. So when choosing a new phone number consider what you would like assistance in attracting to your life.

You may not have as much success as THE TIME with 777–9311, but you can definitely attract success on your own terms.


This has been an interpretation of the usage of numerology as it relates to the phone number, utilizing the song 777–9311 by THE TIME.


My name is Jassiri Nassor and I can be found at The Spiritual Satire Home Page you can find more spiritually related topics and also stories that are based on the journey of life. I am also available to assist in professional business writing projects.

Before I complete this, I have to address the total number of 7+7+7+9+3+1+1=17/8

17/8 relates to achieving wealth, abundance, fame and a name that lives on after an individual.


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