Why You Should Learn Universal Law..Getting Yourself Together

Let me begin by saying, fuck a New Years resolution. Most people make new years resolutions EVERY YEAR and that so called promise to self to do this or to do that or to stop doing this and stop doing that, last from midnight December 31st up until the third week in February. Give or take a week or two. Millions of people go out and purchase new gym memberships for example.


How do I know? Its not by watching those “corny,” “lame,” talking heads on television news shows, but by my actually being at the gym. Oh, the gyms are packed for the first few months. It is almost slightly difficult for me to get in my normal routine, due to the sea of out of breath people at the gym using the equipment wrong and putting “baby weight” on the bench press, leg press etc. 


But, like day turns to night, sure enough when March rolls around and the reality of the hard work it takes to get in shape and stick to an actual exercise plan kicks in, the lack of inner fortitude starts to whoop that ass and sure enough all those “New Jacks” fall to the wayside.” They get back into “wish mode,” wishing, instead of acting on what it is that they really want to achieve. 


That lack of inner fortitude not only applies to fly by night gym attendees , but to people who cannot stick to a wide array of so called New Year resolutions, from putting down the cigarettes for good, eating a healthier diet, increasing self confidence, ceasing to participate in self esteem sex ,which some people may do one last time after the clock strikes 12 on New Years eve. Finally starting a business, etc, etc.


I call to your attention something that can take the place of asking friends for advice. Real friends and Facebook “friends.” Something that could stop you from making your psychiatrist rich. Something that could stop you from blaming everyone else for your problems. Something that could put YOU in the drivers seat of your life. 


YOU, YOU, YOU, YOU, YOU,YOU, YOU, YOU can put something in your hands that if studied, taken seriously and applied, can help you take control of your life. The best part is, what I am offering is free of charge, no shipping and handling charges, no visa or master card required, there is NO FEE. However, it does come at a cost, which is, to not be afraid to take a serious look at yourself and take RESPONSIBILITY for your actions, the GOOD and the BAD.


This FREE remedy is called Universal Law. These laws are key for governing the conduct of human beings’ regardless if we are aware of them or not. These laws, if applied with the same emotion that people utilize to screw themselves up, can free them up. These laws are not a part of any religion, though religion has taken bits and pieces for its use. There is no special building that one has to go to, on a specific day or time of the day. If a person does not want to change the way they eat(though it is advisable) he or she can still find success with these laws. 


Universal Law is not a religion or a cult, it is not part of a group that you have to join. Universal Laws are mainly seven rules that apply to life. The only place you have to go to, the place you enter to conduct your research, is within you and more specifically your MIND. You do not have to pay anyone to help you get there, admission is free. However, in this world of television, video games, social media, pop culture, entertainment worship and the fear of being alone, there is a challenge to be overcome.


In order to truly look at yourself and examine the things of your life that you do not like and how you can change them for the better. In order for you to read these seven laws one by one, think about them, think of each law and think of them comparatively with the choices that you have made in life. Can you block out the world and be in your own company for an hour or more consecutively? Many people fear being alone, hate being alone, would rather have trash for companionship or talk on the phone, text, Facebook, etc, rather than to be alone with their own thoughts.


For confident people who are movers and shakers, goal oriented, time alone is like finding precious gold. For many others it is very difficult. The question many people will have to face leading up to Christmas Day and New Years Day and going into the New Year is “Will I continue to put my dreams, goals, emotional peace, on hold or will I do something about it. Furthermore, will they utilize something that can give total balance or will simply having more money or a new relationship be enough, even though there are other areas in all of us, that deserve equal attention? That leads to the ageless expression, “Is the glass half empty or half full.”


The seven main Universal Laws are the Law of Mentalism, the Law of Correspondence, the Law of Vibration, the Law of Polarization, the Law of Rhythm, the Law of Cause and Effect and the Law of Gender. 


Before anyone can try to change the world or someone else, they have to make sure that they are operating with 100% effectiveness. I think there are too many people in the world who want to help, yet they are at 0%-50% effectiveness. Why not be as close to 100 as possible? A word of caution, if you are currently taking medication for depression, anxiety, suicidal thoughts or any other ailment at the moment, please gradually and as comfortably as possible ween off of those drugs as it is as comfortable to you. Often, natural or holistic approaches to an ailment will give the same results with a better future. However, seek the advice of those within that practice who have a respectable reputation and will give you "patient" references.   

Its not about a New Years resolution, its about a new life style.




Jassiri Nassor


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