Cult of Personality

Will Calhoun / Corey Glover / Vernon Reid / Muzz Skillings

Cult: an instance of great respect or awe of a person, ideal, or thing, especially as manifested by a body of admirers; worship, reverence.

Personality: the sum total of the physical, mental, emotional, and social characteristics of a person, ideal, or thing; It is an act of courage flung in the face of life.

According to lead singer Corey Glover of one of the greatest musical groups of all time, the

rock, punk, funk,soul group Living Colour and master guitarist of the group Vernon Reid "I

think we touched upon a truth that has never really been refuted in any way, shape or form, in

that you can pour all of your hopes and dreams into one person, but it doesn't mean that they

are exactly who you are. I think that's a universal truth. The phrase "cult of personality," in and

of itself is really sort of encapsulated in that idea. From Jesus to George Washington." 

Reid added- "Cult of personality, it's Che Guevera and it's Pol Pot. It's not about placing a value

system of where this person is good, this person is bad, it's really beyond that." These

comments are taken from an interview that was conducted for The Vinyl District entitled

"Living Colour: The TVD Interview by Jon Pacella March 10, 2015.

So, in August of 2016, who are our current Cult of Personalities that are influencing the minds

of the people.  It should be known that not only are people, Cults of Personality but

organizations as well. However, true to who I am I want to show you what is know as a chakra

chart. First, what are chakras? The word chakra comes from the Sankrit language which is the

primary sacred language of Hinduism. It is a philosophical language not only utilized in

Hinduism but also in Jainism, Buddhism and Sikhism. The chakras as described in Sankrit, are  

seven wheels or vortexes of energy that exists in several parts of the human body. A gentleman

by the name of Purnananda Yati is credited with creating the text which most experts in the

topic of chakras, particularly in the western world follow, which is called the Shat-

chakra-nirupana. It is believed that the number of chakras go up to 12, 16 or more.

Nonetheless, it is generally agreed upon by scholars of this subject that there are seven main

chakras. The seven main chakras correspond to seven main parts of the body. Each of the

seven major recognized chakras relate to a specific part of our being and levels of

consciousness, body functions, and colors. The blockage or energetic dysfunction in

the chakras is believed to give rise to physiological, psychological, emotional and

spiritual disorders. The lack of a healthy diet and stressful, unfulfilling lifestyles of many

people, is a contributor to the rise of physiological, psychological, emotional and spiritual


Now that I have set the base let me give you a picture.

Copright Sacred Wisdom Chart #16, Halion Publishing

Copright Sacred Wisdom Chart #16, Halion Publishing

Take a look at the 1st chakra. The 1st chakra identifies with survival, security and fear. The 2nd

chakra deals with relationships, sexuality, intimacy and desire. The particular element of the 3rd

chakra that I want to focus on is impulse and anger. So I have set the stage for what I want to

say. The CULTS OF PERSONALITY play on peoples';

Need for Survival- 20 companies that have slashed the most jobs in 2016/ Tavis Smiley "It's Open Hunting Season on Black Men."

Need for Security-America's disappearing middle class/Terrorism                                                         

Fears- How an Elite New York Police Unit Rehearses for a Terrorist Attack/Florida Cop shoots unarmed black man with hands in the air. All within the 1st chakra.

Relationships-Black men don't like black women, Join Black Lives Matter, Are Black women

giving up on Black men?,Swirling, Democrats, Republicans.LGBT-Transsexuals-Gay


Sexuality-#LoveMyShape Movement, Black girls rock.

Intimacy-closeness of observation or knowledge of a subject, Facebook Group, a private cozy atmosphere, people who think like you do.

Desire-a strong feeling of wanting to have something or wishing for something to happen, We Will Make America Great Again. The 2nd chakra.

Impulse-Protest March, "This Flag Comes Down Today": Bree Newsome 

Anger-No Convictions for Any Cops Involved in Arrest and Death of Freddie Gray/Mexicans are taking jobs away from Americans

Those who are worshiped in society as well as the companies and individuals who are

looked to for leadership or those who can easily bring the masses to a state of fear or anger

have somewhat of a very powerful understanding of the 5th chakra. This chakra is

responsible for creativity, speech, individual needs and will and they achieve this by calmly

shaping the thoughts of those who only operate solely from the 1st and 2nd chakra. The chakra

chart alone shows you, that they have a far better understand of how most people think than

most people have of their own thought process. Thus, they gladly look upon the masses as

no more than minions.

Minion-someone who is not powerful or important and obeys the orders or a powerful

leader or boss; a servile dependent, follower, or underling. Damn, wasn't there a movie

about this...




There is a documentary known as The Century of Self .

It chronicles how people in positions of power have mastered how to utilize the media to play

the emotions of the people to achieve what they wish. I would argue that people do not

understand that these companies are helping to create the images of your favorite politicians,

athletes, actors, musicians, singers and rappers. Thus, how do people react?

As the last photo shows there is nothing new under the sun, those girls are now someone's


The documentary also shows how companies play on the emotions of people to

sell products, based on a persons desire to want to have the latest clothing,

electronic device, shoes, cars etc., not because a person genuinely wants it, but because

they want to have the "privilege"  and "prestige" of being able to say to themselves or

especially to someone else that they have the new "it." They are led to have an emotional

connection to the item, bringing a temporary, yet powerful boost of self esteem, sometimes

to the point of losing their minds.




The very thought that people can be manipulated to such an extent as shown in the videos

is troubling. The truth of the matter is that these folks do not think in the realm of, "I am

going to buy something that I do not need" and you can forget about them thinking in the

neighborhood of what I am writing of...PLEASE...However, this is the world that we live in.

Now, as easily as a person can be made to run to spend money, they can be made to be in

constant fear and anger.

While looking through various videos and photos of protest and anger over various issues, I

literally felt, my positive energy drop, drop and drop. I needed some jokes, quick. I clicked on

YouTube and found the silliest, dumbest and yet funniest thing I could find.

I NEEDED SOME JOKES! Because all that drama and pain is too much. I understand a

person's right to protest, to voice their opinion. I can understand their anger, especially

when they see protest and anger as the only way to express themselves and to make their

voice be heard.


Clearly, historically speaking, protesting has had an effect on the purposes in which the

particular protest was intended. There are at least 17 different forms of protest and the

one movement historically speaking in the United States that is most remember and instantly

comes to mind is  The Civil Rights Movement.

Much can be said about this particular era and I argue that there are undoubtedly civil rights issues

that are being discuss, debated,voted on behind closed doors daily in 2016.


Clearly many people are not receiving what they want in life, many people are living in places where

they do not like what they see, what they feel.  

In every city there are places were, on one side of town or others, everything looks modern

and people are treated with repect and on the other side of town everything is run

down and people are getting overlooked and being treated with severe disrespect. I get

that, I have witnessed that.

However, I just spoke on things and showed videos and photos based upon the thoughts and actions

of someone who is operating from the 1st and 2nd chakra. The 3rd chakra, on the most negative side as well.

We are in a world were it is just about dangerous to protest, even when the original intention is peaceful.

Would I suggest that people stop protesting, no. People have a right to do as they please, and to think and

feel as they please about any issue.


Nevertheless, looking at things from the spiritual perspective and the common since perspective, I believe

that every person should look at themselves and change what is negative within themselves. I believe they

should do it themselves by way of self examination and to take it further, utilizing metaphysical tools and

principals. To even consider metaphysical principals, one would have to be on the positive side of the 3rd chakra,

then moving up to the 4th, 5th, 6th and ultimately the 7th chakra. 


Yet realistically, an individual will never get pass the 1st and 2nd chakra by following another person or an organization!

I ask, whose thoughts are you thinking. I believe for the masses of people, the Cults of Personality have your puppet strings.



For example, why did it take a Caucasian millionaire and three Black women to all of a sudden have

Black people around the world protesting and screaming Black Lives Matter?  You mean to tell me, that

they never new their life mattered before? You mean to tell me that there were not people protesting and

voicing their disapproval of their living conditions before this "organization" came along?


I go back to the power of the mind and action. I know that there are people all over the world who make bad

choices  that result in bad outcomes. The Black community is not immune. Particularly in the "Hood" where crime

is known to be a regular occurrence in an area the has generational poverty. You literally have many families who

have only known barely getting by and petty crime or quick money schemes.



There are hard working people in these areas as well, yet these people cannot seem to leave or they do not want to

leave. Several bad groups make life hard for everyone there and that is generational. There is a certain way of life that

has been accepted and I would not doubt that the Cults of Personality had a hand in implanting those thoughts, which

have been passed down the family line. Every neighborhood has their issues, make no mistake about it, and they all look

to the politicians as the savior, the one to take away the pain. You got stars who could fart on the mic and people will

say "Oh it sounded sooo sweeeeet." 


People get so caught up in other people and allow them to manipulate their thoughts

towards every level of emotion. EMOTION can be the fuel of success or the source of your

stagnation.  Sometimes, its best to spend time alone and turn off the t.v.

The first act of change is first the THOUGHT, WHICH IS YOUR OWN. No one can do what is

right for you better than YOU. Then if you are seeking sources of inspiration seek those who

think as you and inspire you, but do not be a clone. You are unique and you have special gifts

and talents and a special life that only YOU can live. That's THOUGH ELEVATION OLA all day.


People talk about the system that is in place and how it is designed to suppress people into

situations were their seems to be no hope. I believe that yes, their is a system in place. Yet, the

people who fall prey to that system are the ones who bite the cheese and get caught in the



 The pervading thought in most communities and by the activist, is to save everyone. I

commend there efforts, which is based upon their level of understanding, compassion, belief.

However, leave out the politicians, the police, the crooked businessman, the thief, all of the

unfairness that is all around you. Turn off the t.v. and cease to allow the Cults of Personality to

program your mind. Take a break from the protest, sit at home, go somewhere quite.


After some time, determine how you feel and separate those thoughts from what you have been told

via t.v., social media, other people. Are the thoughts the same or are they different. Only you

can judge.


In closing I will say this, there is not one negative situation in the history of this

planet that a person has not been able to remove his or herself from. The key is that, the

individual  took the time to examine their own thoughts and soul and formulate a plan of

action that was going to lead to a positive result for that person.


I do not have the answers that can save an entire city, neighborhood, or group of people. However,

I can assist an individual in coming face to face with themselves and once a person can clean up what is

negative within and around themselves, then they may be able to truly help others, if they are

willing to be helped, which is key. You can't do that being a minion for the Cults of





Jassiri Nassor


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