Creating Success

As I write this post on May 18, 2016 I am on my second post. I have not finished refining the

look of my website or blog. I have not worked out how to connect my website and blog to my

Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, nor Pintrest accounts. I have come to realize that creating

these extensions of what many people like to call a "brand" takes a lot of time when it has to

be done by the individual. I do not have the current budget to hire people to do it for me,

however that as well as any other financial concerns as of this current post are/were

temporary conditions. The title of this company is of course Thought Elevation Ola. Before I

continue with my original train of thought, let me explain the name of this company and

website. Everything in life begins with a Thought. The Thought can be one that is positive or

negative, motivating or paralyzing. The though can be fuel to a fire or water on a fire. My

Thoughts are positive, motivating and fuel to my muthafucking inferno!!!!!  Yes I like to curse

sometimes for emphasis. I love it when somebody tries to tell me that I cannot do something

or obstacles try to block me from accomplishing goals that I set for myself. I enjoy putting my

success in a punks FACE on some I TOLD YOU SO!!!!! So, everything begins with a Thought.

For me and many people the Thought leads to much needed ACTION!!!! The action can be

and in many cases should be some type of physical action, however since I am a person that

studies and applies metaphysical studies, I understand that the use of the mind is an action as

well. One cannot be afraid to explore the accomplishment of success. That in itself is an

action. Being able to envision success in spite of what is seen in front of you is an action that

many people cannot take a part in. That person calling about an overdue payment that is due

on a bill, the job getting on your last nerve, riding in your car with the fuel lever on E, a

performer coming to your town to do a show for the 20th time and for the 20th time you

cannot afford to go to the show, being cold as hell at the bus stop during winter and seeing

someone ride past you in a warm car blowing the horn at you, sleeping in a cold mobile home

during winter because your propane ran out and you cannot buy anymore until you get paid,

thus sleeping in your bed with five layers of clothes on and a winter cap, yeah those are some

examples of serious situations that require serious mind power to look past them and see the

future that you desire and know that you deserve and smile and laugh in the mist of that

particular challenge. When you can have that kind of positive reaction that leads to Elevation.

However, many people crumble under the challenge and cannot see past what is in front of

them. They get stuck in the moment of duress and can never break free from the stress.

 Some people wake up in pain, stress and dreading the day and they go through the whole day

with a heavy weight on their shoulders and then they get home with this same weight on

their shoulders. This constant weight leads to the abuse of alcohol, drugs, sex and clubbing.

This weight is a supplier of an extremely poor self image and a fuel for negative relationships

between lovers, family members and friends and even people who are the same skin

tone. People who have a weight on their shoulders need to figure out a positive way to get rid

of that weight, yet most want to take the anger that boils up inside of them out on another

person. This weighted person also presents themselves as that person who always has that

"Woe is me" attitude. These people are true energy vampires, their energy is draining because

they are STUCK. They cannot see their way out of the BULLSHIT. That is real, most people

are in such ruts and thus cannot get to the point in life that reveals Elevation. Sad but true.

Ola, is Swahili word meaning look at, watch and most importantly, wealth. Ola is a term that

has an origin with the Yoruba people of Nigeria. Thus after the correct Thought, followed by

Elevation it leads to Ola. Let me be clear on this because too many people think that money

alone will solve all of their problems. No. Wealthy and rich people commit suicide every hour,

day, month and year. No, wealth is a 360 degree process. It is a wonderful pie with the healthy

ingredients of mental, physical, spiritual psychic/intuitive and financial awareness.  

Thus, I go back to what I mentioned earlier. I have not finished creating the look of my

website or my blog. I have not set up my other social media outlets and honestly nobody gives

a damn about Jassiri Nassor at this point and time. No one knows that I exist. I know that it

may take some time for me to reach the people that I am suppose to reach and help with my

experiences and level of knowledge.  The point is however that I am willing to take the

journey. I have have already arrived from the hardest part of the journey and I am rising quite

well, thank you.  I know there are many master teachers that teach metaphysical, occult,

health, business and financial knowledge on a level that I have yet to reach. However, I am not

far from the level of the people who I described earlier. Even in the process of my current

Elevation sometimes I might say FUCK A BILL, because I want some extra money in my

pocket or my money needs to be used towards my personal endeavors. Of course right on

time some chump will call or send an email about payment. That's cool. The bills will be paid

and soon enough I will pay may bills up to six months in advance just so the bitch

(male or female unreasonable person) will not have a reason to call me at all. Soon enough I

will be free from a job and be completely self employed and develop business systems that

will create financial steams that will allow me to grow in many areas and not be stagnated.

Soon I will help people in many ways that they will find life changing. That is a part of my

Thought that is a part of my Elevation and will place Ola with and within me and it can be as

such for you too. 

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Jassiri Nassor


Welcome to Thought Elevation Ola, a starting place for the seeker of the deeper questions of life and the serious self evaluator. My name is Jassiri Nassor. I am a Spiritual/Reality based Thinker and Creative Writer. I specialize in higher level thought. I enjoy helping myself and assisting individuals connect life's dots through the sciences of Metaphysics, Occultism, Common Sense, and Unadulterated NERVE. Over the past six years my study of the aforementioned systems have helped me tremendously in my personal growth and understanding of myself and the world around me. 

The purpose of this blog is to share my personal stories and insights on daily life in a manner that is relatable and based on the FACT that changing the world is irrelevant until you first change YOURSELF. Acknowledging and conquering the negative features of yourself and your flaws is the ultimate victory. Most people need inspiration to do such a thing, well... you have found the right place. I have found that a well rounded person is balanced in the areas of Mental, Spiritual, Physical and Financial pursuits. I do not have all of the answers , yet I share what I have learned on my personal exploration. Through my sharing, I am sure we can find common ground.

Though we are seeking answers together, it doesn't have to be always serious. Laughter and just being a plain smart ass is good medicine for the soul. TRUTH is a excellent truth serum as well. I usually publish new blog post two times per week and I always deliver content to make you think and laugh. Thus, if you do not mind getting a smile on your face and top grade gas in your tank, sign up for the latest blog post and updates on myself Jassiri Nassor and Thought Elevation Ola.