Why are there so many different divisions of Black Folk? I'm in Atlanta,

GA, yet all over the country, there are certain “divisions” of Black Folk.

You have the metaphysical/spiritual/occult community, you have the

black conscious (angry) community, you have the "esquires," “the

graduates,” and “suma cum lawdees” of the HBCUs and more well

known to society, Universities. You have the commercial community

who just go any way the wind blows, can't wait till Friday, praise Jesus

on Sunday, Goddammit it's Monday community. You got the dressen’

like the rappers on Bet, really Bout Dat Life community. You have the

entrepreneurs who figured it out (money 💵)community. You also have

a combination of these elements within the various income levels of

lower class, middle class and upper middle class.

I do not even bother to include the “wealthy” of the Black Folk”

because I have yet to read or see a video or see with my own eyes, any

member of the generational Black wealthy class, make themselves

known in a very visible and substantial way that has a meaningful and

long lasting impact within the Black community. A recreation center,

which seems to be a common contribution or tax write off, for the

most part, only provides a place that caters to only athletic pursuits

and not the economic, entrepreneurial, spiritual, academic and healthy

well being of the surrounding neighborhood and is not doing much.

Taking money for your physical presence and not offering the above,

let alone a job that can take you above a check to check existence is

not worth much…hmmm… kind of like what the local


Yet, as I originally stated, none of these communities have ever worked

together. If they have, I do not know about it and I seriously doubt they

work together know. What's up with that...(crickets)



Jassiri Nassor


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