Universal Law VII...The Law of Gender

Universal Law VII

The Law of Gender

The first thought that comes to my mind when I think of the Universal

Law of Gender is that of balance. The definition of balance that I like

(and if you have read my other thoughts on Universal Law, you know

that I like definitions) is mental steadiness, emotional stability and

habit of calm behavior. These are distinctive traits that everyone

should strive to have, as an individual and not as something that is only

gained through the company of a person or a group.  If the source of

your balance only comes from outside sources then you are not truly


On the spiritual plain, a symbol that represents balance is Yin Yang.



Yin Yang represents two halves that together to create wholeness. Yin

and Yang are also the starting points  for creating change.

Thus, spiritually, mentally, physically, psychically and financially you

must have balance.  When you split something into two halves

knowingly or unknowingly such as  – Yin / Yang, the separation upsets

the balance of wholeness, further, the detachment creates a blockage

to the natural flow and effectiveness. One, is not as strong as two,

when seeking a common goal. 

Focusing on the Law of Gender, I could not help but to notice that

many "sources" of "information" especially on the internet/google

search(The library and books are always king) are very vague when

explaining this Universal Law. Many sites speak of Gender as in male

and female, strictly from a physical perspective and not touching upon

the deep spiritual perspective needed to not only make this law make

sence, which is why you are reading this explanation, but to put the

Law of Gender into practical use. Why read about this type of

information if you cannot put it to use. I for one have tired of all the

"sources" on the internet using Shakespearean speech as a form of

dialogue to "inform" people who are seeking information in which to

change their lives. People do not need complex terms and cliche

quotes. People need straight talk! You bozo internet philosophers! You

are so "smart" that the very people you set out to help are not getting

helped at all, at least not by you!

Enough of that, let's get into this. Think of the Yin Yang symbol again.

In many circles the Yin represents female energy, receptive, gentle,

intuitive, right-brain, compassionate and to go further as

in explaining the Law of Gender, the Sub-conscious Mind; the

Involuntary Mind that does not necessarily take action, yet receiving .

The Yang of the Yin Yang symbol in many circles as in conversation

and thought, represents the Yang energy. The Yang energy is

associated with active, analytical, left brain, aggressive. The Yang

connection with the Law of Gender is, the Objective Mind; the

Conscious Mind; the Voluntary Mind; the giving or giver, expressor. In

short these two elements must work in harmony in order to create

change and produce a desired result, that one can SEE and FEEL.

In the physical, a great example is of course a new born child. As such,

I thought long and hard about an example of how I could best explain

the usage of the male and female energy within the Law of Gender. I

first considered the obvious at least as far as my Scorpio mind thinks,

sometimes which is the example of making love, getting it on, doing

the nasty. However, that would open the door for me to have to speak

 on much deeper spiritual topics that I am not prepared to speak of at

this time. So the next best example that I thought of was the next

step, the step down from having sex with a loved one or someone you

really wanted to be with, if only for one night, which could lead to a

host of problems, but later on that. I will introduced couple sexes little

brother, Masturbation. That's Right. I said it Masturbation. Most of you

want to run and hide right now. No one wants to admit that every

once in a while you cannot find a partner, your spouse is acting like an

idiot, you have used all of that sexual energy for months to accomplish

great goals, know as sexual transmutation and the practice was used

with outstanding results. 

But my friend, out of the blue, particularly in the days leading up to a

full moon, you suddenly...how can I say it...wow...it hard for me to say

sometimes...oh fuck it...as a man, your nuts start to get heavy like

bowling balls. It begins to get difficult to find comport in your

underwear. I can only imagine what the feeling must be like for the

ladies. You may find yourself feeling a little wet now and then if you

have abstained from sex for a very long time. I know you may be

blushing as you are reading this, but we are adults, its o.k. to talk like

this.  If you have abstained from sex for a long time and if you are

single, this may be a situation you find yourself in, where it is double

trouble. Longing for a positive relationship and longing for pleasure. If

you are reading this, then you have raised yourself up to a certain

standard of thinking and living and you may not want to go and 

find someone simply for sexual satisfaction. You are also aware of

not wanting to share your energy with just anyone. If you are married

and have to consider masturbation, my sympathies... 

Now that the stage has been set, let me explain further. Let us use or

imagination, which is key in changing ones circumstances. Lets say

that there is a very attractive person that you work with, or who is a

member at your gym, or who attends your yoga class, or that you see

at your favorite mall or coffee shop, or your favorite book store or is a

friend of a friend. It matters not if you speak to this person or not, you

are attracted to this person. Take that thought and apply it to the Yang

or Masculine method of formation; Conscious Mind; Voluntary Mind;

Active Mind the source of the projection of energy, giving. 

Within that attraction to that person, you are creating a visual in your

mind of something that you desire. This desire is the starting point or

the action towards the creation of an idea.  Lets say you cannot be

with this person for any number of reasons yet you are still having that

feeling of a need for sexual release. So, even when you are trying to

focus on work, especially at home,you make look up pictures of

women in bikinis or YouTube videos of beautiful women with perfect

bodies and women will be looking at men in similar fashion. 

The visual is in place, yet up to this point it has remained only a

projection due to any number of reasons particularly, because you do

not want to feel as if you are a chump for not speaking to this person

or for giving the female on Instagram, YouTube or anywhere else 30

minutes to an hour of your attention. Or that man...for you ladies.

However, one night you decide that you have had enough and you are

going to talk to "that person,"or hey, I'm going to masturbate.  This is

the will, the placing of energy behind the visual is the key component

of the Law of Gender. I say that because the Feminine energy of the

Law of Gender had only been content with assisting in generating

mental images. You know, those photos where you were looking at

large breast, slim waist, big ass, behind or booty, large chest, big arms,

huge legs. Yeah, men and women thats what you were looking at

online saying "Oww I would love to....." Some of you were saying that

outside of your home wherever you may see that person of interest.

Then some of you take that dive into watching porno and wishing that

was you...  

The Feminine Energy was assisting you with developing new thoughts,

concepts, ideas, working that imagination, of where you would like to

have sex, when, how often, the positions. Maybe you thought to

yourself, "I don't want to make love, I want to fuck!" Tear up some

furniture, tear up clothes, not even getting all the clothes off, just get

the clothes out of the way so that you can penetrate!! Your mind is

running wild, while you go around playing it cool, giving off that false


So one night you get tired of just thinking about that person or

looking at sexy people on the internet and you got that feeling... You

decide to do it! You might be in the shower or the tub or setting on the

sofa when you reach that breaking point, even the strongest of us have

reached this point now and then. Now, the Male Energy had that

visualization of that perfect body and the Feminine Energy sat

idly giving images for the imagination. That in and of itself was a slight

usage of the will which gave a light charge to the Feminine Energy.

However, now a thought just won't do. So in the shower or the tub the

thought of that person of interest or of that chick in the booty pic

comes to mind and it has been a long time. Those visualizations have

become more and more frequent and the desire for release has

become more and more intense, remember the balls, the nuts

are getting heavy. So that thought comes to mind and you touch yo'

self. Only you know how you like it, fast or slow.  

The decision to initiate 

masturbation is liken to the WILL or the spark needed in the Law of

Gender to join the Masculine Energy, the giver, to the Feminine Energy,

the receiver, in the creation of a result, which in this case is relief for

the balls, or the longing for sexual satisfaction. Many books have been

written and philosophies stated on the metaphysical aspects of sexual

energy and the importance of keeping that bodily fluid inside of the

body instead of outside, like the "money? shot," or on the tub or down

your leg, ladies. 

Think about your larger goals in life. Think about how real those few

moments of masturbation felt. Its alright to blush. You felt like that

person was in the room with you, touching you, kissing you, tasting

you, stroking you, climaxing with you. Now imagine if you took that

same energy, that same will to climax, orgasm, bust a nut and applied

it to a goal for a better job, more money, a business of your own,

better relationships with family and friends, more knowledge of self,

connecting with that special someone who may or may not be that

person of interest and I could go on and on.  

The point, is your imagination, fueled by your will, thus connecting the

Male and Female Energy of the Law of Gender also known as your

Conscious Mind/Male, Active Mind and the

Subconscious/Female, Passive Mind can create whatever you want

and need provided that you are the one that is controlling the visuals

that are sent to your Sub-conscious Mind.  

The visuals for most people are controlled by other people,

radio, television, movies, social media and so on. Are your thoughts

really your thoughts. 

For you machos out there, in order to jump a car the jumper cables

need a positive + side and a negative side - to connect with the

positive + side of the battery and the negative - side of the battery in

order for you to get your desired result, which is a charge and a newly

started engine. I'm dropping the microphone, PEACE!!!!!








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