The 2nd Universal Law is called:

The Law of Correspondence. Correspondence is harmony or agreement. This law gives you the

term "as above so below, as below so above," that many people have used when they are

trying to sound "deep" especially to empress someone. Doing things that are from a place that

is true to yourself. In doing things that are true to yourself you are doing things that are true to

The All that exist within you. In doing things that are true to you, youare in agreement with

thoughts and actions that can provide the greatest harmony in your life. The activities that are

easiest for you to do and that provide you with satisfaction and enjoyment are you touching

the deepest part of who you are. You are in agreement with The All.

In Numerology terms, that would mean that you are fulfilling your Destiny, you are doing your

Life Purpose and answering the call of your Soul Purpose. The things that you do on a daily

basis are not being done just because they have to be done or with the thought in mind that

“Hey I’m just doing what I gotta do.” No…..playa. When you are living out The Law

of Correspondence you are literally as I mentioned in a previous blog post doing what you

agreed to do before you incarnated into a physical form. You are fulfilling the “Life Contract” if

you will, that you agreed to with those on the higher realm to take on a certain role that you

actually saw and chose and said “alright, I will do that.” With all the negative and just to put it

bluntly awful things that happen to men, women, and children on a daily basis, it can be hard

to look at most if not all of these circumstances and say something like “Wow that happened

to them or wow that’s how they left this Earth because that’s what they agreed to?” That

question could fall into that Karma question or topic. That is a hard topic to discuss. All I can

say is that it is good, scratch that, essential for people to call on the help of higher beings to

protect not only yourself but those you love and care about.

It is also essential to BELIEVE and KNOW that you and those you love and care about are

protected in all ways possible. This world is no joke, thus how you think and live your life

needs to be no joke. The world is not playing and neither should you. An extra added dose of

insurance is to live out the Law of Correspondence to its highest degree. Why do something

just to make a dollar and not have total peace with that dollar? Why do something, anything,

which goes against your better judgment or against that instinct that’s telling you not to do it

or on the flipside not doing something against the grain when your instinct is telling you that

you can really do it? But not doing it because you are SCARED or worrying about what

someone will think or say about you. Forget that foolishness, I say follow The Law of

Correspondence. In simplest terms do what naturally feels right FOR YOU and The All will

support your efforts because its part of the agreement. This law is immutable or unchangeable.




Jassiri Nassor


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