Welcome to The Spiritual Satire aka Thought Elevation Ola, a starting place for the seeker of the deeper questions of life and the serious self evaluator. My name is Jassiri Nassor. I am an Ambitious+Eccentric+Writer+Author+Creative Entrepreneur & Creator of literary works, designed to entertain and inspire the brilliance in you and force you to utilize a higher level of thought. I enjoy helping myself and assisting others to connect life's dots through the sciences of Spirituality, Metaphysics, Occultism, Common Sense, and Unadulterated NERVE. Over the past eight years, my study of the aforementioned systems has helped me tremendously in my personal growth, understanding of myself and the world around me on the mental level. I have also made many upgrades to my personal, physical, emotional, daily circumstances and I continue to do so.

The purpose of this blog is to share my personal stories and insights on daily life, through relatable content based on the FACT that changing the world is irrelevant, until you first change YOURSELF. Acknowledging and conquering the negative features of yourself and your flaws is the ultimate victory. Most people need inspiration to do such a thing, have found the right place. I have found that a well rounded person is balanced in the areas of Mental, Emotional, Spiritual, Physical and Financial pursuits. I do not have all of the answers, yet I share what I have learned on my personal exploration. Through my sharing, I am sure we can find common ground.

Though we are seeking answers together, it doesn't have to be serious all the time. Laughter is good medicine for the soul, TRUTH is an excellent serum. I usually publish new blog post once a week and I always deliver content to make you think and laugh. Thus, if you do not mind getting a smile on your face and top grade gas in your tank, sign up for the latest blog post, short stories, poems and updates on myself Jassiri Nassor and The Spiritual Satire at the HOMEPAGE below.



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